I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 66.30-31:

Questioner: The planet has a certain set of conditions prior to transition into fourth density, that is in late third density, and then the conditions are different in early fourth density. Could you give me an example of a negatively polarized planet and the conditions in late third density and early fourth density, so that I can see how they change?

Ra: I am Ra. The vibrations from third to fourth density change on a negatively oriented planet precisely as they do upon a positively oriented planet. With fourth-density negative comes many abilities and possibilities of which you are familiar. The fourth density is more dense, and it is far more difficult to hide the true vibrations of the mind/body/spirit complex. This enables fourth-density negatives, as well as positives, the chance to form social memory complexes. It enables negatively oriented entities the opportunity for a different set of parameters with which to show their power over others and to be of service to the self. The conditions are the same as far as the vibrations are concerned.

Questioner: I was concerned about the amount of physical distortions, disease, and that sort of thing in third-density negative just before harvest and in fourth-density negative just after harvest or in transition. What are the conditions of the physical problems, disease, etc., at late third-density negative?

Ra: I am Ra. Each planetary experience is unique. The problems, shall we say, of bellicose actions are more likely to be of pressing concern to late third-density negative entities than the earth’s reactions to negativity of the planetary mind, for it is often by such warlike attitudes on a global scale that the necessary negative polarization is achieved.

As fourth density occurs there is a new planet and new physical vehicle system gradually expressing itself, and the parameters of bellicose actions become those of thought rather than manifested weapons.”

In these two questions Don asked Ra how the conditions on a planet that is moving in the negative sense into fourth density would change as this transition is made from the third to the fourth density. Basically, Ra said that the vibrations change on a negative planet moving into the fourth density in much the same way that they do on a positively oriented planet. Each entity that makes the harvest develops the ability to see the thoughts of others. For positive entities this aids in the harmonious formation of the social memory complex. For negative entities this allows those who are more powerful to see how to control those who are less powerful. In 38.14, Ra elaborated on how this process is undertaken on a negative early fourth-density planet:

 Questioner: All right, I’ll just ask this one. I have here that—

Could you give me some idea of what conditions are like on a fourth-density negative, or self-service, planet? Can you do this?

Ra: I am Ra. The graduation into fourth-density negative is achieved by those beings who have consciously contacted intelligent infinity through the use of red, orange, and yellow rays of energy. Therefore, the planetary conditions of fourth-density negative include the constant alignment and realignment of entities in efforts to form the dominant patterns of combined energy.

The early fourth density is one of the most intensive struggle. When the order of authority has been established and all have fought until convinced that each is in the proper placement for power structure, the social memory complex begins. Always the fourth-density effects of telepathy and the transparency of thought are attempted to be used for the sake of those at the apex of the power structure.

This, as you may see, is often quite damaging to the further polarization of fourth-density negative entities, for the further negative polarization can only come about through group effort. As the fourth-density entities manage to combine, they then polarize through such services to self as those offered by the crusaders of Orion.

The chances of global warfare are apparently much greater on a negatively oriented planet as separation from and domination over other groups is the means by which all negative entities progress. I am wondering how many negatively oriented planets attempting to make their transition into the negative realms of fourth density have destroyed their planets like those of Maldek did. Maldek was much like Earth with both polarities having a small potential harvest with the great majority needing to repeat third density. In 11.3, Ra mentioned the similarities between Maldek and Earth:

Questioner: You said yesterday that Maldek was destroyed due to warfare. If Maldek hadn’t destroyed itself due to warfare, would it have become a planet that evolved with self-service? And would the entities have increased in density, gone on to, say, the fourth, fifth density in the negative sense or the sense of self-service?

Ra: I am Ra. The planetary social memory complex, Maldek, had in common with your own sphere the situation of a mixture of energy direction. Thus it, though unknown, would most probably have been a mixed harvest—a few moving to fourth density, a few moving towards fourth density in service to self, the great majority repeating third density. This is approximate due to the fact that parallel possibility/probability vortices cease when action occurs and new probability/possibility vortices are begun.

Ra finished their answer by mentioning that as the negative harvest proceeds into the fourth density that the new fourth-density planet and the new fourth-density bodies offer those of negative polarity the means by which to conduct further warfare by using thought rather than physical weaponry. I also wonder how this thought warfare compares in destructive capacity to third-density atomic bombs laser weapons, and particle beams. In 25.5-.6, Ra described this type of thought war that is apparently ongoing at this time between the Confederation and the Orion group:

Questioner: You spoke of an Orion Confederation and a battle being fought between the Confederation and the Orion Confederation. Is it possible to convey any concept of how this battle is fought?

Ra: I am Ra. Picture, if you will, your mind. Picture it then in total unity with all other minds of your society. You are then single-minded, and that which is a weak electrical charge in your physical illusion is now an enormously powerful machine whereby thoughts may be projected as things.

In this endeavor the Orion group charges, or attacks, the Confederation arms with light. The result, a standoff, as you would call it, both energies being somewhat depleted by this and needing to regroup; the negative depleted through failure to manipulate, the positive depleted through failure to accept that which is given.

Questioner: Could you amplify the meaning of what you said by “failure to accept that which is given?”

Ra: I am Ra. At the level of time/space at which this takes place in the form of what you may call thought-war, the most accepting and loving energy would be to so love those who wished to manipulate that those entities were surrounded, engulfed, and transformed by positive energies.

This, however, being a battle of equals, the Confederation is aware that it cannot, on equal footing, allow itself to be manipulated in order to remain purely positive, for then, though pure, it would not be of any consequence, having been placed by the so-called powers of darkness under the heel, as you may say.

It is thus that those who deal with this thought-war must be defensive rather than accepting in order to preserve their usefulness in service to others. Thusly, they cannot accept fully what the Orion Confederation wishes to give, that being enslavement. Thusly, some polarity is lost due to this friction, and both sides, if you will, must then regroup.

It has not been fruitful for either side. The only consequence which has been helpful is a balancing of the energies available to this planet so that these energies have less necessity to be balanced in this space/time, thus lessening the chances of planetary annihilation.

Today was a Sabbath Day of Rest. I enjoyed a good deal more meditation today as there was no outside work that would take time away from meditation and work on a talk that I will be giving next year. At noon I made my usual errand run stopping at Feeder’s Supply to buy food for the cats and then at PetSmart to buy some greenie pouches for two of Boscoe’s bitter-tasting meds. My next stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market to buy some food for myself. My last stop was at Walgreen’s Drug Store to pick up some non-food items.

This is a link to the interview that I did yesterday with Jonathan Tong and his Law of One group study group:

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 28

Contemplate Freedom

I am the voice of Him who comes in the name of love and I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.

How many things are before each of you today, things that seem to be cages, traps, limitations and limiters of freedom?

This day, let us contemplate freedom. For what is it to be free?

To be free is to be that entity which realizes itself an actor, an heir of Christ and a son of the Creator, an affirmative and utterly free sensibility and consciousness.

The outer details and conditions of this day need have veritably no relevancy to your self-concept of the joy of freedom. For if, in your heart and in your mind, you are free to think and to choose and to act, then you have found the greater portion of love. For you are then able to act, to love, to comfort, and to seek to understand.

Use the freedom that is yours affirmatively, not against or in spite of people or conditions, but moving always straight as the arrow to its mark, knowing, feeling and being free: free to love, free to understand, and free to console. And as you console, so shall you be comforted.

The spirit of Jesus Christ is with you always in love and peace, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.

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