I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from the Preface and the section on Don’s Story (The Choice in his daily life and research):

Don’s Story (The Choice in his daily life and research)

When Don was seventeen years old he began taking flying lessons from Capt. Tom Mantell who had his own flying school while also working for the Kentucky Air National Guard. Though only 25 years old, Capt. Mantell was a veteran of WWII, where he won the Distinguished Flying Cross. Since Don and Capt. Mantell were so close in age they became good friends. On January 7, 1948, the Kentucky State Police had received over 30 telephone calls from people in the Mayfield, KY. area reporting a strange object in the air. The State Police called the control tower at Ft. Knox to see if they could get someone in the air to determine what this object was. The control tower radioed Capt. Mantell and his two wingmen, who were on their way to Kentucky from Georgia, and asked them to check out this strange object.

All three pilots were flying P-51 Mustangs, a WWII vintage plane, and after about half an hour they had the UFO in sight. When Capt. Mantell pursued the UFO past 20,000 feet he passed out because his plane didn’t have oxygen. His plane crashed, and he died on the Kentucky-Tennessee border. Capt. Mantell’s death while chasing the UFO got Don interested not only in UFOs but also in the larger questions as to whether we were alone in the universe, and was there a higher power that created the universe. Don spent the rest of his life pursuing the answers to these intriguing questions.

Don first looked to the sciences for answers and eventually became a professor of physics at the University of Louisville. However, it soon became apparent to him that the answers that he was seeking were not available within the scientific community. Don then turned his attention to the field of what in the 1950s was called the paranormal, that which was beyond the normal range of experience. By 1955, he had regressed over 200 subjects into previous lives which was his personal confirmation that reincarnation was the way that life progressed in the spiritual sense.

As I mentioned earlier when speaking of how Don and Carla met, Don’s next field of inquiry was the channeling of spiritually-oriented information from supposed extraterrestrial entities. In this process Don became a channel himself and sought to serve others by making this Choice. He was actually the first channel for L/L Research and was later joined in 1974 by Carla who learned to channel Hatonn which was the first planetary mind that L/L Research channeled.

Don also continued his research into the basic questions of why we all are on planet Earth by becoming a UFO researcher for the last twenty five years of his life. Since he was a pilot, he flew Carla and himself to whatever location in the United States where there had been UFO activity, face-to-face encounters with extraterrestrials, or actual abductions. The information that he and Carla gathered on these excursions provided the material for Secrets of the UFO, a book they self-published in 1976. It contained not only factual evidence but also metaphysical information that would be inspirational for the spiritually-minded seekers of truth. In Chapter Eight they also published some of the first information on the concept of Wanderers, entities from higher densities who incarnate on Earth to be of service to humanity.

In 1977, Don and Carla flew to the Philippines to investigate psychic surgery. They encountered a few folks posing as psychic surgeons who were actually charlatans looking to make money by taking advantage of their clients’ naivete. However, they did meet Benji Balacano in Manila, and he proved to be the real deal. He was one of a group of such psychic surgeons who did not use any kind of knife in their surgeries but used bare hands to enter their patient’s body and do their work metaphysically.

In 1978, Don and Carla flew to Mexico City to investigate another psychic surgeon by the name of Pachita. However, this investigation also offered Carla an opportunity to be worked on by Pachita. Carla went there to have Pachita work on her arthritis, but when Pachita first saw her she told Carla that all of her problems came from her kidneys. Remember, Carla’s kidneys failed when she was 12 years old when she prayed to die because she didn’t feel that there was any service that she had to offer. Then she had the NDE that gave her information that there was service for her to offer in this life, so she came back to life and continued on her spiritual journey with that assurance. But Pachita did not know that. She simply intuited the problem with Carla was her kidneys and the arthritis was an outgrowth of that problem.

Pachita said that Carla needed a new kidney. Don and Carla looked all over Mexico City in search of a kidney, but, as you can imagine, they had no luck. When the time for the surgery came, and Carla was lying on the operating table, Pachita just seemed to materialize a kidney in her left hand. She used what appeared to be an old rusty Boy Scout knife to make an incision on the right side of Carla’s back. Then she placed the kidney next to the incision, and it seemed to be sucked into the opening.

Dr. Andrija Puharich was a good friend of Don and Carla and flew from New York City to meet them at Pachita’s. Pachita let Dr. Puharich pull the Boy Scout knife out of Carla’s back. Dr. Puharich was practiced at surgery and used about 2 lbs. of pull, but the knife didn’t move. Then he increased the pull to 5 lbs., and still no movement. Then, at 10 lbs. of pull the knife came out “as if released by a magnet” was the way Dr. Puharich described it. On their way home Don and Carla stopped in Atlanta, Georgia and appeared on Ted Turner’s TBS television station and the “Open Up” program that was hosted by Bill Tush. During the show they talked about UFOs in general and also about their recent trip to see Pachita. They even had photographs of the quickly healing wounds on Carla’s back that amazed Mr. Tush.

Don and Carla also investigated materialization mediums who would exude ectoplasm which would then take the shape of a deceased loved one or a personage from the past who would then speak to a certain member of the attendees. Of course, just as with the psychic surgeons, there were far more charlatans than the real deals. However, one evening at Camp Chesterfield, in northern Ohio, Don and Carla met the Rev. James Tingley of the First Spiritualist Church. The way Rev. Tingley operated was to sit in a folding chair and have assistants hold a curtain around him so that he could exude ectoplasm that would then take the shape, most times, of a loved one who would then be seen by all present. This spirit being then would call for a certain person to come forward from the people gathered in folding chairs around the curtain.

On this particular night Don and Carla were first called up to speak to an entity that called itself Moses. The entity stood in front of Carla and smacked her forearm with its hand hard enough to leave a bruise. Then it walked through Carla from her front to her back. It turned around and walked through her again from her back to her front. Then it raised its arms in the air over their heads and said, “Go forth and teach!” After that it simply pooled down to the floor in a puddle of ectoplasm and was gone.

Then a second being took form in front of Don and Carla using more of the ectoplasm that Rev. Tingley had produced. Don instantly recognized this being as his mother who had passed away some years before. The woman went by the name of “Sister”, and she talked some with Don, and then she thanked Carla for taking such good care of Don. She was so accurately formed of the ectoplasm that Don and Carla could see the individual hairs on her head pulled back into a bun. They could see the wrinkles on her face and the creases in her dress. On the way home Don asked Carla if she knew who “Sister” was. Carla said that she didn’t know any nuns. Then Don told her that “Sister” was the name that his mother was known by in his family as she had a younger sister who went by the name of Martha.

These various types of paranormal journeys were significant parts of Don’s Choice of service to others because they each gave him what he called a “piece of the puzzle” of what life on Earth is really about in the spiritual or metaphysical sense. In all of these paranormal investigations Don was collecting evidence that would eventually be helpful to him when the Ra contact began. When Ra talked about stone structures in the South Pacific, for example, Don was familiar with the Stone Heads of Easter Island and the Lines of Nazca in Peru.

Don was a physics professor from 1955-65, and then he utilized his piloting skills to get a job as a pilot for Eastern Airlines and eventually achieved the rank of Captain flying the Boeing 727 jet plane. He flew for Eastern from 1966 until 1984, and most of the time he was based in Atlanta. He usually worked a schedule of four to six days on duty and then four to six days at home. Don had begun flying at the age of 17 and throughout the succeeding years accumulated thousands of hours of flight time on a variety of craft which allowed him to eventually fly jet planes.

Don enjoyed helping people complete their travel plans and didn’t really see anything special about being an airline pilot. For him flying a jet plane was like being a glorified taxi driver. As a diligent pilot he noted with some dismay the growing use of the auto pilot feature of jet planes as time went on. He felt it was an unwise choice to use the auto pilot because it tended to erode a pilot’s flying skills over a period of time. So, when Don was on duty he was flying the plane himself every moment that it was in the air.

This morning I began cleaning the silver-plated cups, pots, trays, and vases with TarnX. After about an hour and a half I had half of the items cleaned and put back in their proper location in the living room and the office. I also ran some errands with my first stop at First Watch where I had lunch. Then I went to Panera Bread where I bought a sandwich for dinner tonight. My last stop was at Anderson’s Sales and Service where I picked up my backpack blower which they had repaired.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

December 5

The Realization Of Right Action

I am of the spirit of the one God in the consciousness of love which is Christhood. I come in the name of Jesus Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of Christ’s love.

Just as it is not known to this instrument what I shall say, so it is not known to us, ourselves, what the consciousness of love in a particular application may be until that moment comes. Though you desire to apprehend aforetimes those things which you seek to know about a coming situation, they are impossible to know well, and the guessing and supposing thereof will only confuse and muddle your prayers.

Await the moment in which discrimination and action are necessary and pray heartily for the spontaneous realization of right action. If you wish to pray beforehand for right action, pray that right action may come to you at the proper moment. For did not Jesus teach you that you did not need changes of clothing or food for your journey but, instead, could rely on the good graces of the Father to give you all that was needed?

Trust, then, that the wind of the spirit shall blow at your back and within your heart at the precise moment at which you need wisdom and thus allow the full and spontaneous power of Christ’s love to enliven and transform your experience.

We leave you in the peace of the love of Christ, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.