I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from December 3, 1989:

The question this evening has to do with glory and the meaning that glory would have as we say the Lord’s Prayer and think about the concepts of “the Kingdom and the power and the glory.” What is the glory that belongs to the Father, or to the Creator, and what part in that glory do we play, how do we offer glory, and… that’ll do.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a privilege and pleasure to share this meditation with you. May we say, for those sensitive enough to sense the presence of another entity, that the one known as Latwii is with this group this evening, having been called in support but not to speak. Having answered the challenge, the contact prefers to be silent and supportive.

This is the first time that those of Latwii have been mentioned as a part of the principle of Q’uo, although they did not assume the role of being the voice of Q’uo in this session as they later would do.

Joy, worship, adoration, praise, honor, glory. Within your illusion you may see glory. It exists instinctually and continuously. Each creation of land and sea and air sharing its rustling leaves, its proud and sturdy branches, its healing magic, its sweet rainfall, sharing all, the glory of a rainbow or of a beautiful scene, is not simply the expression of admiration of geographical territory but a prayer of thanks to its Creator who has made all things well.

This instrument, we find, has asked this question because in this instrument’s mind the concept of humility is congruent with the idea of service to others. Thus, the instrument wonders what the place of glory is in the life of the seeker. Within the day-to-day life glory is beheld by many eyes and seen by few hearts in true perception. Most entities sitting in the midst of glorious beauty find that they have a chore to do that must be done, that keeps the eye upon the paper or within the work area, so that one cannot look out and see the easiest, clearest, most eloquent and poignant definition of glory.

Why should the Creator be glorified? The most simplistic answer is, “Look about yourselves, witness the unique character of each dawning, of each dusk, each change of weather that moves the feelings and emotions—quieter when it is pearly, nacreous and rainy; happy and active when the winter sun deigns to shine its glory upon your fair planet. There is an element of “breaking through” to that metaphor, for the glorious light of the one infinite Creator must break through clouds. And in understanding glory itself, you within the self must break through clouds of unworthiness, unhappiness and disquiet.

It is truly said in your holy work named the Bible that in quietness and confidence is your peace. When one becomes still enough to cease the speaking one rapidly becomes aware of the astonishing and miraculous wonder and the beauty of the creation. All of this beauty is within you, all of the Creator is within you, all of the Creation is within you. So, when you give glory to the Creator, you give glory to the deepest part of yourself and affirm your ultimate and far-off nature, affirm that you are a prodigal moving through strange lands, faring variously and aiming at last for the home of the Father.

The Creator does not have a sense of Its own glory. That which you know as glory is that which is recognized by your peoples as an appropriate response to the beauty and blessings, challenges and learned lessons that shape each entity’s destiny. One is not always able to focus upon the affirmative, to praise circumstances or to give glory to the source of those circumstances. One often thinks not about one’s own incarnation. Had the Creator not felt a glory within thee, would you be? For you are the active principle of the infinite One. You are the crossroads of eternity and time, of reality and illusion. And in any illusion there is the moment when that illusion is shattered and the wonder comes upon one.

The first glory is that which the Creator has invested in you. Thus, it is centrally important to come to an understanding and acceptance and a self-forgiveness within the inner structure of the heart, the mind, and the spirit. As we have mentioned before, it is far more common for the self to be overly judgmental and perfectionistic about the self than for that same self to find many things unacceptable about others. Yet, how can the self be unacceptable to the self? How can the Creator be so distorted that that spark within becomes hidden? You move upon your skis down the white alp, the wind blows by and your face is cold, except for your goggles. Every muscle, every fiber of the being is engaged in this plummeting trip, this sailing upon the Earth, this experience that seems most glorious.

It is exciting. It is that about which one becomes intense. Thus, entities within your culture give glory to many, many things which are not that which is truly glorious. No matter how worthy the entity, the glory of that entity is not the entity, but the Creator within the entity, for one who speaks to another speaks to the Father within that other. And the glory, if there be any, goes solely to the Creator.

The group question for this session came from Carla, and she wanted to know about the concept of glory as used in the Lord’s Prayer. She wanted to know about how glory is experienced by the Father and what part a person might play in that glory. Q’uo began their response by saying that one could see the glory of the Creator in the beauty and harmony of the trees, the sea, rainbows, and the geography of any location, but most people are not aware of this glory because they are absorbed in the work of the day and practical concerns. Q’uo said this being unaware of the Creator’s glory was a sign of a feeling of unworthiness which one could work with by becoming still and seeking the confidence and peace of the Creator that is within us and becoming aware of the purpose of the life is to return into unity with the Father. Q’uo said that this would eventually allow us to come to an understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness of ourselves within our heart, mind, and spirit so that we could feel the glory of the Creator within us. On April 12, 1989, Q’uo spoke of feeling the glory of the creation:

The real work of living a life in faith is living it within this illusion, at this time, with no evidence of glory or perfection outstanding. The challenge is to feel the glory and the majesty of creation, to feel the life that is lived now, to feel oneself opening as a flower to the Creator. These memories of aid do not truly help the émigré to Earth, for it is here that each spirit has chosen to make—once again—that great choice, of service to others or service to self.

Glory is a concept directly at odds with judgment, for in the concept of glory, with the concept that all are one, then all are potentially full of glory, able to generate glory through love and light and service and able to experience glory in the inner room of meditation and contemplation and in the environments which so richly endow each with companionship, laughter, light-heartedness, and a sense of confidence and security that comes from feeling that the self is indeed worthy, that the self at heart is indeed a portion of the glory of the Creator.

It may seem much to you as though we suggest you praise yourselves. By all means, do so. It is known by you to a nicety in this system of illusion that one is not particularly glorious very much of the time. The illusion of difficulty and challenge is heavy; the blockages to self-awareness and self-forgiveness, formidable. To think of oneself as a part of something glorious is very difficult under these circumstances, for one feels humility and somehow it seems that one cannot feel humility and affirming—we correct this instrument—affirmation of glory in the self at the same time. Yet, this paradox is one of the strongest spiritual truths, the dynamics of which a seeker needs to grasp, for the glory lies not within the behavior, not within the surface thinking, but at the level at which each is a portion of the one infinite Creator.

Few there are within third density that are able to manifest perfect glory, for in manifesting perfect glory one no longer has any catalyst to process and one is able to stay in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, praising and blessing the name of the Creator, speaking hallelujahs for all the blessings of your life. Yet, in the next hour you shall walk away from this beautiful concept, this imperishable ideal, and be unable to live up to that which is truly within you at this time. Yet, the glory is there. It continuously speaks to you, continuously moves within you and, as you become more transparent, more trusting, more accepting of that which occurs, of those conditions in which one finds oneself, one can then allow the glory to flow through the self to all the other portions of that glory.

Q’uo said that the concept of glory is potentially available to us all since we are all one, and we can find the glory of the Creator in meditation, contemplation, and companionship. However, Q’uo also said that in the third-density illusion there are constant difficulties that can cause us to feel like failures, but we should remember that glory is not associated with behavior but is found at the level of our being where all are the Creator. As we are more accepting and trusting of this truth then we can let this glory flow through us to all others. On May 4, 1986, L/Leema spoke of the glory within us:

It is the glory within that causes your peoples to seek some way of finding, exploring and expressing that articulated glory which, though gushing like a geyser from the deepest portions of being, comes into consciousness with a demand to be articulated. It is a rare being who can consciously love and serve the Creator without some structure. This is, however, by no means impossible, and, indeed, there is a minimum of distortion involved in the patient returning again and again to the daily practice of meditation and to the persistent analysis of one’s own being, for it is within you and within each of you that the consciousness you seek lies, that the foreverness for which you hunger and thirst is seated.

What do you mean when you say “glory”? In some cases, entities mean heaven; others mean worship; others, praise. Even your flag has the name of “Godhead,” undoubtedly named with deliberation. The nature of the Creation is love and the nature of love is glorious. It is much to be awed by, much to be studied. There is much to take into meditation each and every day, and there is the listening ear to develop to the less and less distorted self that lies deeper and deeper within the self, closer and closer to the true self which, in the end, as it was your Source, shall be your Omega.

Now, what is glory to you? Is there glory in serving others in an humble way, in chores, in cooking and cleaning and mothering and fathering and providing and working? The amount of glory you allow into your life is up to you. The glory is there, intrinsic in each moment. Beauty lies all around. Dreams, hopes and ideals abound. And these artifacts of the spirit and the mind and the emotions are wonderful, wondrous and glorious. For, is not love glorious, my friends? Remember that the one known as Jesus removed the commandments of his predecessors, and, instead, asked each to love the Creator and to love each other as the self. This was the new promise that this teacher requested from its followers.

The direct reason that most people do not feel glory, or any intense emotion, is that the culture in which you live is difficult, and in fact, even for it, is going through a difficult period because of the transformation of space and time as your galaxy spins into a new configuration, a new space.

How can one find glory when one has not perceived glory? One may meditate upon glory. But perhaps the best way to approach the understanding of the word glory is to strip away all adjectives and gaze at the great noun, “I,” the great verb, “AM.” To exist is glory. To be conscious is potentially to live in the Kingdom of the Father. Why should a relationship with a father whose love for each is infinite produce anger, confusion and disputation? These things are a portion of your illusion. If you are able to silence your mind, silence your doubts and to open the door to the inner room in private and devout meditation, that silence for you may be a great voyage of discovery, for you will find more and more to like about the self, more and more to see as accomplishments as each entity moves through the life experience and becomes more mature.

Could one do without glory? By no means. To say “glory” is also to say “passion.” Glory is the passion of the heart and it has its artifacts in the blue ray of communication of an inspirational nature and the indigo ray of work done upon the self in self-healing, self-forgiveness, self-quieting and, above all, self-acceptance. The beginning of lover—we correct this instrument—the beginning of loving others as one loves the self is to discover the glory within the self, to forgive the self for its behaviors which shall be various due to the workings of free will, so that one may concentrate as much as possible simply on loving and being with the infinite One.

So many things you have seen have been to you glorious and wonderful, awesome and a cause for devotion and worship. Know that this within your spirits is not an artifact of culture, is not a trained portion of an entity, but an instinctive, genuine need. Each entity needs and seeks to find that glory, that joy which somehow, although it may not have been experienced since young childhood, each is aware does exist. One may not become glorious by one’s decision to do so. Each has the guidance, the Comforter, within. And this Comforter, with its longer point of view, its wider perspective, may find the glory in moments which seem less than intensely glorious.

Glory is the faculty of the child who finds those things which it likes passionately lovable and glorious objects of love. Were there not an objective referent to glory in the metaphysical sense, there would be no word, for the word “glory” is that which reaches out into eternity for that which it knows not. It knows the glory as a mystery, and, like buoys clanging in the fog on a stony coast, it is hidden and it is difficult to navigate through the waters of humanity and ordinary living to create the intensity of consciousness that allows one to glorify and praise and thank the one infinite Creator. Yet, this exercise comes back to you an hundredfold, a thousandfold, a millionfold, for as you recognize the glory of the one infinite Creator, the glory of Creation, the glory of the heart of humankind, one becomes aware of the glory hidden within, that treasure in earthen vessel, that gem within the body. As you become more humble and more aware of how many errors are self-perceived by you, paradoxically you shall become more and more aware of the exploding excitement of the creation in its eternal dance, in its endless beauty, in its infinite love under the powerful strength of pure light.

Now Q’uo gave examples of various ways that we may find glory in our lives such as living in the Creation of love, in communing with the Creator in meditation, serving others in any capacity that is based in love, self-healing and self-love to perfect the focus on loving the Creator and then be more able to see the glory of others. And Q’uo said that simply being able to navigate the difficult waters of this illusion successfully and humbly will help us to experience the glory of our very being. On November 12, 1989, Q’uo spoke of the way we may experience glory in our lives:

We encourage each to seek the holy ground within, to find praise and give thanks for the glory, for beauty, the infinite majesty of the one great original Thought. The heavens sing with His glory, the trees and mountains dance, and all stars and planets sing a song of passionate love for the Creator unmanifest, and for each of you, the Creator made manifest and given complete free will.

You shall not always be manifest, you shall not always need to feel glorious, for you shall become glorious as you move back to your source and become a portion of the potentiated Creator that has not yet been potentiated.

It seems odd to use glory as a word which describes the pilgrimage experience. One’s shoes are dusty from the road and painful from the stones upon it; one has hardships, thirsts, hungers and yet one still seeks. How can this be glorious? Yet, if you will open the heart and request a sense of praise, thanksgiving, worship and adoration of the one infinite Creator, suddenly glory will be understood by you, the glory of all that there is, the glory of the journey, the glory of its beginning, its ending, and its infinite progression.

You entities call many things glorious. Artifacts of humankind such as music and art and literature receive this adjective frequently and truly, in some cases, the author or the composer has, indeed, touched upon part of the glory of humankind, part of the birthright of the imperishable spirit which you are. You are taught to feel unglorious; you are taught to doubt the self, to esteem the self most lowly and to act defensively. Glory is radiant, quiet, confident, brilliant and radiant. It is an aspect, an attribute of the one infinite Creator that inspires in the seeker purified emotion—the emotion of unconditional love, praise and thanksgiving.

As you move through your life, realize that your life is a divine and glorious gift from the active principle of the one infinite Creator to its source and ending, the unpotentiated Creator. After you have come to this gentle and loving perspective, loving the Creator and loving self as having the Creator within, partially hidden by distortions, one may begin to see the glory of other entities about you.

But always glory is most clearly seen in the second density of Nature, its blooming, its color changing, its infinite variety. Each flower is full of glory, yet it cannot sing praises to the Creator except with its heart. You, too, were given consciousness by the infinite Creator. Is this not a blessing? Glory is not in this case an emotional word but rather a word indicative of a worshipful and adoring attitude toward the mystery of the one infinite Creator. There is no reason to dislike the Creator; there is no reason to be indifferent to the Creator. But to the mind that is lucid there is every reason to see the glory all about one and know that the creation is like the Father.

Before we finish this speech we would like to iterate one important thing. The greatest blockage to an awareness and a feeling of intensity, passion, thankfulness and glory is the focus one has on one’s distortions of behavior which does not forgive the faculty of free will for blindsiding you with this variety of feelings and states of mind. You are not intended to be perfect people. You are intended to be pilgrims, but you carry within you great glory. May you always feel that glory and offer that glory back to its source, the Creator, alone.

Q’uo said that in the larger sense our spiritual paths are always glorious because we are all returning into unity with the one Creator, but as we travel this path in the third density there is much difficulty that we experience. However, Q’uo suggested that if we can open our hearts and ask for praise and adoration of the one Creator that we will then understand the glory of our entire journey. Q’uo went on to say that realizing that we have the Creator within us will allow us to see the glory of the other entities around us. They finished their response by saying that even though we are not perfect seekers we do have great glory within us, and we may offer that glory back to its source, the one Creator. On March 15, 1998, Q’uo described how we are part of the glory of the one Creator:

As you embrace this process those emotions of release and humility, humbleness and nothingness, become an offering to be lifted up unto the Creator as “all that I have.” “This is all that I have and this I give to you. Do with me what you will. I am a boat. Life is the ocean. Toss me somewhere. I shall attempt to sail.” This kind of abandon, this action of the Fool is powerful. And as you become ridiculous, as you embrace this darkness, you embrace also the light that follows. For truly in the Dark Night of the Soul there is a moon setting and a sun rising. And that sun is a glory beyond all space and time signifying a Love that created all that there is. We would encourage that moment of abandon within each of you where you not only say but feel, “Not my will, but Thine.” For, you see, there is a cyclic nature to manifestation of any kind. As the Creator’s heart beats, creations are born and die. The one thing that remains, whether it is perceived or not, is that intelligent infinity that we can only call Love in your language, this vibration which is the one great original Thought or Logos is what you are, with no past or future but simply a moment of being that is infinite.

At this time we would offer a contact to the one known as Jim if this instrument wishes to close this meditation. We leave this instrument in the love and the light and the glory of an inestimably beautiful and truthful and authentic creation. I am Q’uo, and those of Latwii also bid this instrument love, light and farewell. We transfer now if the instrument, Jim, is willing. I am Q’uo.

This morning I began my work on getting L/L Research’s Christmas cards ready to send out to our spiritual family. I was able to get the labels and stamps on the 226 envelopes as I worked on them from the little table in the living room.

This afternoon I went upstairs and used the carpet sweeper to clean the hall runner, and then I used the broom and dustpan to sweep up the kitty litter in Benny’s room. Then I used the duster to clean all three rooms and the hall. Then I continued my work on the Christmas cards and began stuffing the Christmas cards into the envelopes and was able to get about half of them done.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

December 3

The Blessedness Of Agony

I am the spirit of the consciousness of love, the principle of Jesus Christ in the vibration which comforts this instrument and many besides.

We come to all, to each in the vibration which may comfort each, for Christ discriminates not betwixt souls, considering one to be more blessed or beloved than another. Nor does the principle of love consider one situation to be more blessed than another.

You who are fortunate and content may consider yourselves blessed, yet you are no more blessed or beloved than the soul which is in torment or in agony. When the soul may begin to see the blessedness of agony and the glory of honest error and slothful iniquity, embracing all and offering all alike to Christ in thanksgiving, then we may speak more and more clearly and more often.

The seasons of repentance are also seasons of fruitful listening to those who seek to cherish their pain but not the agony which produces pain. Cherish not your hurt but your sin, offering it and all of your old life to Christ. For in the surrender of responsibility is also the acceptance of redemption.

We say this not to encourage a spirit of carelessness but rather a deeper responsibility; that is, the responsibility to see the face of Christ and not the face of humankind. For are you not a dweller in eternity? We offer you eternal peace, now and ever.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.