I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from November 11, 1990:

We continue this evening with information on the concept of worship.

(Carla channeling)

I am the principle known to you as Q’uo. We greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a blessing to be among you and to be asked to serve in our humble way. We are, as always, eager to express our desire that we be considered as fallible, and not infallible, for we tend to catch the spirit of that which forms not in words, and our own spirit is still limited. Within the boundaries of these limitations, we believe our opinion to be fair, but subject at all times to the personal considerations of each, for each has a personal path to truth, to love and to service.

We are most pleased to be able to continue upon the subject of worship. The instrument known as Carla has the underlying alarm which expresses the emotion-laden thought that it has no concept of that which we wish to speak upon. However, we ask the instrument to steady itself, and to allow us to speak.

We spoke earlier of the three basic approaches to worship: worship of nothing, that is, worship without an object; worship of an object; and worship of mystery. The worship without an object runs contrary to the genetic structure of many of your races which in glad array make up the population of your sphere. To those within a highly technological culture and society, worship without an object is much like loving without an object. This creates confusion within entities such as yourselves who have been exposed to many, many objects. Thusly, although this path is useful to some, it is not easily conformed to the character of what you would call the Western or Occidental racial natures.

The worship of mystery cuts to the heart and spirit of worship, and without this instrument’s being aware of it, its underlying nature is that of worship of the mystery, although it has successfully created an object in order that it may participate in refining the gifts of emotional intensity and unstinting compassion. Without the grouping or societal nature which is so deeply a portion of the character of your density—we must begin again with that sentence, we would correct the instrument. Without the gifts of faith offered to all people, but available only to a few, it once again is difficult to conceive of a passionate and active devotion. This is, however, an excellent type of worship for those who have a predisposition to mysticism, or love of mystery.

Thusly, what we would speak about at this working is the second of the three choices, or, as this instrument would say, the middle part: the worship of an object. The situation within manifestation—and we all dwell in various illusions and manifestations…

We must pause, for this instrument is moving in consciousness into sleep. We are sorry, and will encourage this instrument to move away from the unconscious state.

The situation within all the densities of manifestation is that of illusion. When we encourage each to worship, although we are aware that the true, infinite Creator is without manifestation, the possibility exists for the Creator with Its free will to send forth messengers which speak of worship in homely and simple ways, ways which are adapted to the culture in which the messenger abides. Various cultures and atmospheres within those cultures have produced various Christs which are willing to pour out their own personality upon whatever earth there may be, in order to be filled with that which may be called the Christ, or mind of Christ, or the consciousness of Christ. This Christ is one. Its various manifestations are called for when a culture reaches the stage of yearning for an object of worship that is able to express the deep truths that when pondered over and over begin to create biases within the mind which are spiritual in nature. An entity without this influence is in chaos, and no amount of rigid structuring of the entity or its environment shall be able to induce an entity to emotion.

Once again the group question for this intensive practice channeling meditation was worship. Q’uo began by saying that there were three kinds of worship: worship without an object; worship of an object; and worship of mystery. Q’uo said that worship without an object didn’t make sense to many people as it was like loving without an object, so Q’uo said they would focus on worship with an object and said that the infinite Creator was without manifestation, but It could send forth messengers that had achieved the Christ consciousness. These beings could help the entities who worshipped the Creator to begin their spiritual journeys. On July 16, 1989, Q’uo spoke to the nature of the Christ consciousness:

The seeker may turn to those sources of inspiration that are found in your literature which record the voices of those seekers of your past who have traveled this same trail and left records that illustrate the reality of their faith and of faith that might be found by others of their kind on similar journeys. One may look to such sources for a kind of inspiration that speaks to a deeper portion of the self that is beyond the confinement of your narrow, walled illusion and which vibrates in recognition of the truth when it is heard by these voices who have traveled the same journey.

Thus, the inspiration of others may speak to that spark of the self that we have called the Christ Consciousness and in which the still, silent moments of reflection and contemplation and meditation and prayerful attention cause a feeling of purpose and goodness and direction to well up from within and bolster, shall we say, the faith that has been nurtured by much experience through each seeker.

However, one of the seed thoughts which produces the fruit of worship is the realization that the illusion is truly thoroughgoing, and it will count for nothing within an entity if it does not choose to attempt to grasp the nature which lies beyond illusion.

When one attempts to open to the deeper and more purified emotions, the first thought vortices which appear are those daily beneath the threshold of consciousness, a milieu given over in large part to fear. Thus, again and again, when entities begin to attempt to learn from the electric silence of spirit, they are opened to messages reflecting the simple mental fears of all peoples—the fear of the dark, and the fear of the unknown, the fear of death. It is at this stage that many spiritualized entities capable of much more become quite stuck, for they have conceived a desire to seek, a desire to love and a desire to serve, but they defeat themselves by gaining access only to information within the deeper mind which is an artifact of the conscious mind. This is not the direction in which we suggest entities experience the learning and searching out of a personal life in faith.

In order to move past one’s fear, one needs to be aware without need of self-reproach or defensiveness that one is oneself not able to gain access to authentic experiential data concerning worship. Thusly, there is that impossibly difficult first step, that being the decision to suspend disbelief long enough to experience the illusions which are involved in belief systems. As there is no direct way to apprehend that which occupies no area or period of time, those within the illusions or manifestation of the creation are placed in an untenable position, where that which they seek involves fearlessness of the dark, of the unknown, and the apparent death. One at this point, most likely, does not have sufficient faith to leap into an abyss that is extremely dimly lit, an interior landscape whose first requirement of an observer is utter patience.

To move into worshipful and adoring qualities, one must redefine oneself without reference to that which takes up space, or that which takes up time. The physical vehicle itself, which carries you about, is that which produces the deepest fears, for it is a second-density entity in all but consciousness, the consciousness being without time or space, the manifestation being quite necessary in order to gain appropriate experience. When it is clearly seen that there is nothing to fear, that there is only the unknown, that there is only the dark, and that there is only death, in terms of the physical entity, one may then proceed to grasp the vaunted nature of the physical vehicle. Although the spirit creates its mark upon the lined visages of those who have had experience within an incarnation, and who are what you call old, it itself is without age. There is that within you of glory. However, to this you do not normally have access. Consequently, without any knowing the seeker first makes its decision to love, to worship, to serve others in the name of the one infinite Creator, having no idea how to do this. It is as if the seeker fell off a bottomless cliff.

However, due to the effect upon the connections between conscious and subconscious, when this decision is made and this action taken with an whole heart, the entity may find itself certainly without a floor, certainly without walls or ceiling, and certainly alone within itself, but it will not be without experience, for the will and faith to begin with has been created.

Thus, it is most often a conscious decision to begin to see the self as a steward of the property called consciousness, which is one not with time or space, but with the plenum of infinity, the place of the object of worship within this path. To this pilgrimage, which begins with the deliberate rejection of fear and the determination of a fool or a madman to worship that which is unknown, comes the beginning of a blooming that starts because of the message you have given your deep mind. You are now far more suited to be able to gain access to that within the deep mind which informs, nurtures, uplifts one. One may in visualization grasp the object which denotes the mystery to oneself, and with that security within, one may begin to explore the almost unbelievable choice that has been made. You choose to have no fear; you choose to love. This is a deeper way of stating the same fact.

Now Q’uo said that in order to develop the true nature of worship one must go beyond the nature of the illusion, but when many go deeper into their minds through meditation they are likely to contact the fears of their conscious minds regarding the darkness, the unknown, and death. So Q’uo suggested that they can realize their dreams to seek, to serve, and to love by being willing to redefine one’s self by having the faith that there is nothing to fear, and by setting one’s intention to love and serve others in the name of the Creator which is the equivalent of falling off of a bottomless cliff. Then Q’uo said that this choice to deliberately reject fear and to worship that which is unknown gives a message to the seeker’s deep mind and thereby allows it to gain access to that which informs and uplifts the seeker. Q’uo said that this is the choice to love over the choice to fear. On November 13, 2010, Q’uo described how setting one’s intentions to love and serve others can help seekers to reject fear and know that all is well and that the universe makes sense:

We are not saying that this habit of setting the intention and then allowing peace to overcome one takes three weeks to make, but what we are saying is that it is to the patient and determined seeker that the rhythm of life will be given time to work.

You see, where you put your energy, where you put your mind, is vitally central to your experience. If you begin with an act of faith and say, “I think life is this way, and I’m going to live as if it were this way,” then you cast yourself into the midair of faith having no proof of anything but the simple feeling, the knowing, that all truly is well and that the universe does make sense. It is not meaningless, and you are not alone. You are loved, you are needed, you are full of purpose, and you simply need to let go of any preconceived notions as to how that works and simply engage in life to the best of your ability, as a conscious seeker that understands the power of choice, the power of desire, the power of intention.

The you that worships is already worshipping. You, as an incarnate entity, are not aware of this. But as you distance yourself from your physical vehicle, and become more aware of the alien nature of manifestation to the deepest self, you begin the process of shedding the garbage of total responsibility. It is not possible for an entity to be entirely responsible within manifestation. It is not possible for an entity to be truly wise, or truly compassionate, for as the entity is limited by its physical vehicle, so the mind limits consciousness. When one realizes that one needs not buffalo oneself with one’s mind, or any other manifestation of the illusion, it begins to seem hopeful that access may be had to the deeper, worshipful awareness that that place whereon you stand is holy ground.

Within your culture it is encouraged that each take complete and full responsibility for the self. If you will examine this concept carefully you may see that within each day there are a multitude of things said or done that you would gladly unsay or undo, and upon the other hand, there are hiatuses which you have not filled, places you did not go, within the heart, in listening to another, in cherishing, in listening to and cherishing the self. Does this mean then that you are poor at being responsible? We suggest that it means only that you are incarnate, and within that which is by nature flawed by polarity and crazed by indifference, that it is impossible not to make errors. Yet you know within yourself the divine, and you hunger, or you would not have taken that first step.

Thusly, you proceed to deepen and solidify the daily awareness of being a spirit of eternal gifts, a messenger of eternal life. In short, to be that which you so adore, to identify more and more, and to be open and vulnerable to the wishes and the guidance of that entity which symbolizes the infinite Creator. Thusly, if one gives oneself the message, “I want to believe, I seek to understand,” and so forth, it is well to realize that the yearning and the hungering of itself will bring you just so far.

There is this generous thing of which you need to be aware within yourself, that being that the Creator’s will is in no wise different from one’s own; it simply sees from a vastly improved point of view. To this point of view ten thousand years mean little, for the values which create the absolute you that you are, are also absolute. Thusly, it serves one better to affirm to oneself, as well as to express the seeking. This may be done by changing questions into declarations. We speak in an area difficult to express, however, one of your ministers of grace whose works are recorded in your holy works, the one known as Paul, in the body of work which he left indicated with a good deal of clarity the identification of the self will to the will of the Source. The entity saw clearly that within what you may call the human condition, or third density incarnation, the leap was impossible. Thus, the entity prayed honestly that he did not believe, but that he believed. He chose to make the declaration even while expressing doubt and many remnants of fear.

In this way, worship is a self-generating process wherein one realizes one’s identification with an object, a messenger or a symbol which denotes the infinite Creator in manifestation. When that choice has been made it is affirmed and reaffirmed, not in a dogmatic or doctrinal way, but in the spirit of the teachings of the one Christ to which you give the honor of devotion in the [inaudible], for you are not truly worshipful of the object, but rather that Source to which the object inevitably points, that which is shrouded in mystery, and until we become without manifestation or the need for it…

Now Q’uo said that as we continue to go beyond the limits of our body and conscious mind we become more aware of the mystery of the creation and are able to gain access to our deeper mind where we can begin to see that we stand on holy ground. However, Q’uo reminded us that we are imperfect beings who make errors, but this does not stop us from continuing our seeking to become a spirit of eternity which is seeking the guidance of the Creator. Then Q’uo said that we could enhance our ability to take the leap of faith into the unknown by repeating Paul’s prayer that “he did not believe, but that he did believe” so that that our worship of the mystery of our Source becomes a self-generating process. On September 10, 1995, Q’uo described the value of taking the leap of faith into the unknown:

We have often said that faith, when first chosen as a way of living, is nothing more than a leap into space. Faith creates itself in the mid-air, when the will of the seeker has been surrendered. That first so-called leap of faith is a beginning. It could be nothing more than the conscious decision, the promise to the self, “I will live by faith.” This is a good beginning.

The will is invoked by such an affirmation. Each time the seeker subsequently finds itself mired in useless and cyclical worry the affirmation may be repeated, “I will live by faith.” Sooner or later there comes a moment when the repetition has bred a new and positive habit of mind, and in that moment the seeker finds that she has skipped the usual habit of worry and been inspired spontaneously to affirm, “I will live by faith.” That moment of peace is as precious as your rare metals and should be stored carefully in a special part of the memory, that memory that lies just behind the surface of things.

Now, the faculty called faith stems from an infinite sureness, a knowledge of self that rests deep within the roots of mind. All that the seeker does when invoking faith is to reach towards the root of mind where that faculty lies waiting to be encouraged to grow. Eventually, faith does become a habit, and during periods of the incarnation when an entity is experiencing those things which are perceived as pleasant, she may rest and experience the peace which passes understanding.

[Side one of tape ends.]

I am Q’uo. I greet each once again in love and light as a principle of members of the Confederation of Angels and Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. You will notice that we included in our identification, “angels.” That is because of the biases which this entity has. The force or spirit is such that the yearning for it will create a manifestation which betokens mystery. Within your culture, the manifestation of angel, or being of light, holds little attractiveness as a messenger of mystery, whereas that which is, and we use this term in quotes, “scientific,” is of a seeming authority, a seeming and obvious advancement beyond the human condition. The phenomena associated with unidentified flying objects is in large part the objectification of that which comforts an entity, that which speaks to the entity of the noumenal, the unknown.

You see, we are attempting in this portion of speaking about worship to reposition one’s own intelligence with regard to the image of the self as seen by the self. If you see the self as caretaker of the body, then you shall take care of the body and refrain from allowing yourself to be remade. That each of you has chosen this darkness in which to seek, that each of you has chosen the catalyst that does in fact occur, is difficult to grasp or to believe in any logical way. However, the further one moves in mind from the identification of the self with that which seems to be living within manifestation, the greater the rate of acceleration of that which may be grasped of evolution in spirit can occur.

The troublesome question that remains is that simple question, “How can we know? Are we being duped? Are we being fooled? Are we giving our will over to the forces that we neither understand nor trust?” This may be addressed at another time. And for now, with many thanks to this quite exhausted entity for allowing us to use it for a conduit, we would at this time transfer to another instrument within the group. I am Q’uo.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am again with this instrument. It is to be noted that we did greet the one known as K, but found the entity to be concerned, overly, and greeted the one known as Jim, who was also found to be in a state of concern.

The only reason one would choose a life of devotion and worship is because one might apprehend the unseen hand of the true source of self within the third-density illusion and thusly yield, while becoming open and vulnerable to the Spirit of Love. The accepting of a channel is simply [inaudible] to the accepting of the self, as an assistant or servant to and for the source, the source that cannot mix with any free will of the world that you experience. Thusly, we suggest that as we again transfer to end the meeting, that the one known as K allow herself to be vulnerable to the Spirit of Love. That which can never be understood can at last be trusted, and with each entity that accepts the servant role of the manifestation that reflects the unmanifest, so does unmanifest light illimitable begin to move through such an entity building light not only in a metaphysical sense, but also in a very visible sense in which the difficulties of a situation are seen, not as implacable, but as that which creates opportunity for learning and growth.

This openness and fearlessness is the chief necessity of creating for oneself the point of view which becomes truly and absolutely worshipful. And in so doing, there is created within you the potential of altering the face of your sphere. This is the power of faith. It is a program that is beyond the capabilities of the computer which you use to think. It is indeed, literally, an higher authority. And the life lived in praise and thanksgiving to the Source lives in whatever object you choose, lives in total surrender, that moment of the most freedom, the freedom to do that which you truly wished to do before you entered the miasma, the phantasmagoria, of illusion.

Now Q’uo said that they wanted to speak of how worship is affected by the image that we have of ourselves. If we see ourselves as the caretaker of the body, then that will limit our image of ourselves to our body whereas the less we see ourselves as our body the more quickly will our spiritual evolution occur. Then Q’uo said that when we choose a life of devotion to worship, we open ourselves to the true source of ourselves as the Spirit of Love, and as we become servants of the Spirit of Love we open ourselves to a light which increases our metaphysical nature and allows us to see the spiritual growth that comes from experiencing difficulties in our lives.  Then Q’uo said that this fearless choice creates a point of view within us that is truly worshipful, and it gives us the opportunity to live a life of praise, thanksgiving, and service to the Creator in everyone and our planet as well. On November 22, 1992, Q’uo described the worshipful point of view:

The turning from the self and the concerns, whether shallow or deep, of the self to the infinite Creator in praise and thanksgiving is an orientation in intelligent infinity, that is, in the Creator, or what this instrument would call Christ consciousness. This consciousness is the essential portion of both the consciousness which is infinite and the incarnate being with the biocomputer which makes so many hasty judgments. Calling forth in the conscious mind the holy, worshipful attitude in which only the Creator exists reestablishes a center within the being which merges unconscious and conscious beings together in a useful and balanced way.

We would move now to the one known as K. I am Q’uo.

(K channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. This instrument is feeling considerable concern over the attempting to be a channel for the answering of queries which may be [inaudible], and it wishes for us to convey the request that if any answers received are not acceptable to those entities asking, the queries be asked upon another occasion. This is acceptable to us. Is there a query at this time?

Carla: The only question I have is to concern over the instrument. [Inaudible] if the entity is uncomfortable, then I don’t understand why the one known as Q’uo wished to [inaudible]. What is the principle involved [inaudible] this instrument [inaudible]?

I am Q’uo, and we find that this instrument is experiencing various physical and emotional concerns at this time which [inaudible] feelings of imbalance and discomfort, as well as its trepidation at attempting to answer queries. These other feelings, however, are exacerbating this natural trepidation at this time on the part of this instrument. We find, however, that the instrument, despite its degree of discomfort, does have a strong desire to be of service, and has offered itself to us at this time for that purpose. Therefore, we are willing to work with this instrument to whatever degree it is able to work with us at this point.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Carla: Yes. [The question is almost completely inaudible, but has to do with concern over infringement of free will in using the instrument despite its degree of discomfort, principles and/or purposes involved.] [Inaudible] is it to challenge and [inaudible]?

Q’uo: I am Q’uo, and this instrument is requesting that we transfer to the one known as Jim for the purpose of the answering of this particular query.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We look at this query in respect to the kind of exercise that is offered new instruments. Each instrument as it begins the work of familiarizing itself with the nature of the contact will feel from time to time the trepidation concerning some facet or other of the contact that it is now focusing upon, having mastered to its own satisfaction those previous concepts. We have offered ourselves to this instrument, the one known as K, this evening, in the attempt to expand her abilities, and to begin to familiarize her with the opportunity to exercise her instrument in those areas which may be more challenging, for this instrument has willingly offered itself, though it is not comfortable in this capacity.

It is not necessary that the entity be comfortable with a new level of learning, indeed, that lack of comfort is oftentimes a quite efficient means of focusing the attention, building that which you call the adrenaline, and calling from within the self those resources which will aid the entity in accomplishing that task which is set before it.

Thus, what we have offered this evening is much like that which we have offered many instruments at many times in your past. That is, the opportunity to expand the level of channeling work. We do not wish to make any instrument unduly uncomfortable, but as you are aware, the process of learning in general is one which takes place within a certain degree of discomfort, for it is when the attention is caught by that which causes discomfort that an entity may first begin to notice an aspect of the self or the pattern of learning that has heretofore been ignored. This is true in each area of learning in which any entity shall engage. We wish only to offer ourselves in the attempt to meet with the instrument this challenge. We shall not, if at all within our ability, challenge an instrument overly much.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Carla: I’ll have to think that over. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Carla: Yes, I just want to make sure that it was not an error on my part in channeling when I received the concept of handing off to K.

I am Q’uo, and you are quite correct in that we were attempting to speak through the one known as K with the first, as you call it, hand off. This is correct, my sister.

Is there another query?

Carla: Well I have concerns about infringement on free will, but I feel that I am unaware enough at this point [inaudible]. Indeed, I am almost not aware of what was channeled [inaudible] possible to finish [inaudible]?

I am Q’uo, and we are happy to accommodate you, my sister, for you have offered yourself as instrument in quite an openhearted manner this evening when your resources have been at a low level. Thus, we thank each entity in this group for inviting our presence. We take great joy and pleasure in being able to blend our vibrations with each of those in this circle of seeking, and we shall take our leave of this group at this time, leaving each as always in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

This morning the zoom meet that I was scheduled to have with Jonathan Tong’s Seattle Law of One Study Group had to be re-scheduled for next Tuesday evening because my computer was unable to activate the code for the zoom meet. Austin was able to correct the problem later in the day so the problem won’t happen again.

This afternoon I decided to paint the area next to my chair in the living room since I have made some cracks and worn spots in the paint in that area in the twenty years it has been since it was first painted.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 3

Echoes Of Love

I am of the spirit of Jesus Christ. I greet you in the full consciousness of that love for which the remainder of the creation is but a synonym.

We gaze upon the palsied, frail, wandering thoughts of humankind with cheerfulness and love, not with sadness and despair as do you who gaze upon your own thoughts with disappointment. For we know that your thoughts may wander in arid regions. Yet the more unprofitable you find your thinking becoming, the more rich becomes the potential for your turning from the unformed to the formed, from the uncreated to that which is full of grace and purpose.

Your infinite and loving heart is not a machine, that you may produce an output according to your quota. But, rather, it is a sounding board by means of which the spirit of love may echo to the infinite reaches of the created universe.

Turn, therefore, from despair and free the echo chamber of your heart from all tense worries that, surprised by inspiration, it may reverberate in love and peace.

I am of the spirit of Christ, and I leave you in peace, now and ever.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.