I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from April 19, 1992:

The question this afternoon has to do with truth, personal truth in particular, when we are speaking to ourselves or to any other person and relying on what we feel is a personal truth or a general truth. Is there some way in which we can present this information so that the person to whom we are speaking can get the feel for what we see as a truth, and yet realize that the information may not be as particularly applicable to them as it is to us? And, as another part of that question, how can we know just what our personal truth is when we dig down past habits, defense mechanisms, fears and other habitual ways of behaving that may be covering what really is the truth that we hold and the truth by which we act; how can we know what our truth is, and how can we share it with others in service to them?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings and blessings to each of you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is our privilege to be able to be called to this group and to have the pleasure of working with each of you, with energy, with your desire to know and with this instrument. We would say a preliminary word or two concerning the event mentioned previously by this channel. The perception of contacts during the process of challenging by a fastidious instrument is affected by subtle alterations in consciousness. One which affected the challenging this particular day of working was the song of tuning, as there was the focus upon the suffering servant. The tuning of the group was satisfactory, however, the tuning of the more sensitive, inner sensibilities of this instrument were gently affected towards perception of suffering. Consequently, that shining consciousness called Christ had taken upon it for this instrument the shadow of dark suffering.

When a challenge is made in the name of the consciousness of Christ the focus is upon the consciousness itself and not upon events to which this consciousness reacted. Therefore, the refocusing of the instrument’s tuning was necessary in order to avoid what could be called a “voice of doom,” in actuality not as negative as misled. We are grateful, as always, to this instrument’s sensitivity to the process of accepting contact, for we would not have been able to speak through this instrument at this working had the instrument not accepted the contact as being less than that which it had tuned itself to discover, that being the highest contact it could stably carry.

We mention this at this length because you ask us to speak concerning the question “What is truth?” In something as central to this instrument as the truth of its most basic and life-giving faith, it had the ability to be swayed towards a perception of the savior of this instrument’s choosing that celebrated a behavior at the expense of the truth of the one known as Jesus the Christ that informed the behavior. That is, the one known as Jesus is not a man upon a cross, suffering unselfishly, but rather an entity willing to do the will of the one infinite Creator at whatever cost to itself. This is the essential Christ consciousness.

Before addressing the group question for this session Q’uo began a discussion of the tuning song for the group and of Carla’s method of challenging any discarnate entity desiring to speak through her. Apparently, the tuning song concerned the suffering of Jesus Christ, and it affected Carla by causing her to perceive the “voice of doom” as the suffering she felt Jesus went through. However, Q’uo said that they were grateful that Carla was willing to accept contact with them even though they were not of the level of Carla’s perception of Jesus. Q’uo said that they wanted to explore her challenging technique because the group question of “What is truth?” would reveal that Jesus was more than a man suffering upon a cross. He was willing to do the will of the Creator at whatever the cost. On December 14, 1986, Q’uo spoke of the nature of Jesus Christ:

The concept of the Christ was this: that intelligent infinity as experienced by the Logos and with the bias of the Logos would enter a third-density experience, not erasing the one known as Jesus’ personality or being, but coming into the closest possible harmony with that being. There needed to be one who wished to sacrifice an incarnation to the ever-increasing pleasure and agony of the Creator, experiencing what this instrument would call the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, for it is the nature of the Christ and the nature of third density that the two, perceiving each other, should react, the third density with a lack of understanding, and the Christ with wonder, joy and sacrifice. Such is the sorrow of your illusion and the joy of sensation and communion.

In the end, Jesus the man became so able to bear both joy and agony that this entity stopped experiencing the Creator and for long periods of time became the Creator experiencing third density. Such is the perfect channeling of Love. The achievement of the perfect channeling was the mystery of union between Creator and illusion.

After this bonding, the burden of channeling rather rapidly began to tire the master teacher, Jesus. At the time of the crucifixion, as this instrument calls it, there were almost no tears left; there were no bones unbroken; there was no companionship that had not been betrayed in one form or another. Nevertheless, Jesus the Christ lived well and did not stop the channeling until the breath left the physical vehicle. We witness to this Christ with thanksgiving and joy, not suggesting that any worship or not worship, but celebrating the Creator poured into a channel who could share in full the nature of the Logos, the nature of Love, the Creator’s powerful, terrible Love.

Let us examine this consciousness. Gaze upon a consciousness whose personality consists of one query: “What is Your will for me, beloved Creator, Father and teacher?” Immerse yourselves in the feeling of this consciousness. It lacks salt. It lacks personality. It lacks any persona or mask. It is infinitely vulnerable, infinitely willing, and infinitely desirous of serving the infinite One. Does this consciousness not feel full of light, almost a quality of floating, of being lighter than the air which you breathe? Yet to bring the circle back to what you call so well your Earth, let us point out that the circle is not levitating. The circle remains glued by gravity and humanity to the illusion in which there is personality, in which there must be the persona, the mask. Each of you desires to know the truth in an illusion which will forever deny knowledge of that truth. In your incarnation you shall not know a factual, provable, repeatable truth. All your truths shall be subjectively perceived, subjectively proven, and subjectively held. They are not transferable.

Why would the Logos, that Original Thought which created all that there is, that thought of Love, create an illusion in which people make serious choices, and create it in such a way that the choices must be made without sure and certain knowledge of any provable truth? Let us attack this question from a completely different vantage point. Each of you walks alone, and if there were no ground, if there were no bodies, if you were spirits, yet still you would walk alone, perhaps without legs but certainly as spirits unto yourselves, each unique. Not precisely the “Monet” of philosophy, but certainly in any apparent way, solitary.

What is the situation of millions and millions of spirits who move in patterns and out of them again, intertwining with one another and moving back out of a pattern, moving into other patterns with other entities, perhaps back to the first, perhaps real while alone, the combinations freely chosen, freely left? If each of you is a light then it could be said that each of you is a version of truth, a wandering, questioning mystery in which the truth is, yet cannot be reached consciously.

As each light is light and has the quality of unchanging reality, so are all spirits one, yet each is unique. Each is the product of one line of experience, one set of choices made that lead to other choices that lead to others. Where, then, is the common ground, where is the truth? We have said already that the only truth that can be held in common is the common mystery of the sure and common knowledge that there is a truth worth seeking, that truth shrouded in mystery in this illusion.

Each experiences the impulse to know the truth, that certainty that there is one somewhere that makes humans moral beings. That stubborn impulse is the hallmark of your species and the glory of your kind, and it opens to you the possibility of maturing into the light of a reality that you seek and will not find within this incarnation, within this illusion. You seek that which you will not know until you leave this illusion, yet you seek it all and all of you shall experience it.

What is the ground of that which you seek? Where within this illusion of yours can the truth be said to be hidden? We would use this instrument’s knowledge of its Christian holy work and recount to you the parable of the vine. The one known as Jesus said “And I am the vine, you are the branches.” There is something called the consciousness of Christ—which is personified for those who choose to follow the myth called Christianity by the name of Jesus the Christ—that lies deep within each. It is rooted in that one great creative Original Thought, that Logos, and it makes all one. From these roots grow a vine and as the roots are made of love, so the vine is love, and entities discover within themselves that root and nurture it until it springs forth into the conscious light of consciously lived, philosophical, ethical, moral or religious life.

We ask you to call it that which is most comfortable to you. Like a young and wondering child, that spiritual self that is born within this incarnation, within this illusion, within this density, wakes up in the crib of experience and looks around, and its first thought is “What is truth? What is happening? I see between the bars of my crib but it all is so loud, so stunning, and so much, where is the sense, where is the truth?” And as that spiritual self begins to grow it begins to make choices. It may choose one way or another, and that which is now above the ground of conscious living begins to make a bend in that branch of vine that is rooted and grown in love, and still is love, but now is love veiled and unknown.

Now Q’uo used Jesus’s only desire being: “What is Your will for me, beloved Creator, Father and teacher?” as that which has no personality, or mask, which makes it a true expression and manifestation of desire. Q’uo continued by saying that within our third-density illusion we all have the mask, the personality, which seeks to know the truth, but the illusion will forever deny our knowledge of truth. Then Q’uo asked why the Logos of Love would create such an illusion where everyone needed to make life choices as facets of the light and as versions of the truth, but this truth can never be completely known. Q’uo went on to say that we all are one and are unique in our seeking of truth, and we all will continue to make choices that lead to more choices. They said that all we can know for sure is that there is a truth that is worth seeking, and we will never know that truth until we leave this incarnation. Then Q’uo said that the nature of that truth is the one great Original Thought of Love that is within us and which we must discover and nurture it until it springs forth as a light of a consciously lived spiritual life. On September 18, 1983, Latwii spoke of the nature of truth:

I am Latwii, and we shall be most happy to attempt clarification of this point, which may at first seem quite contradictory and confusing to those who have long sought the nature of truth, shall we say. The seeker is one who is conscious of the process of evolution. Though each person learns as the one Creator, many do so in a manner which you may consider unconscious. To use our brothers and sisters of Hatonn’s analogy, there is the stumbling into the spotlight, the falling into the orchestra pit, and eventually the entity begins to write the script, which is another way of saying begins to seek in a conscious manner the keys which shall unlock door after door within the inner self, and reveal those treasures of being that await such seeking.

At some point in this process there is another transformation which occurs. This is the transformation in which the seeker not only knows intellectually with the conscious mind that it and all it observes are the one Creator, but experiences more and more the being of the one Creator within its own being. The one Creator is found within, and the entity is found everywhere within the one Creator. As this process becomes more apparent and becomes that which is experienced more and more within the incarnation, the seeker discovers that it is that which it seeks.

How many twists and turns to the branches of that vine make each of you consider the twists and turns of your life, the spiritually, morally, ethically based choices that you made. The ways that you have turned your leaves to the sun or felt that you must shelter them from the sun that burns, that is too intense. Think of those pesticides that you have sprayed on yourselves because you felt a threat, other vines that do not seem to be lovely, other branches of that vine that threatened. Yet, do not all the branches of the vine have the same root? Are there male branches and female, you ask. We say to you, in your culture, in your learning—yes; in any spiritually based sense—no.

Yes, we have talked about the archetypical mind, but the archetypical mind is that which is held in the root, not in the branches. It is used as a blueprint for that which is the deepest treasure of the mind, its deepest and most primal distortions as it looks at itself against the vast background of passing experience. It is not the truth; it is a categorization of attitudes which may aid in influencing behavior. Is the truth about behavior? Each of you says inwardly, “Nay, in no way can the truth be behaved.” But we say to you that there are shining moments when each branch of the vine finds the grace that illuminates the self and makes the truth visible to others for one bright moment. That often is enough to change the course of a relationship or of a personal understanding on a very deep level within the illusion, so that one comes closer and closer to accepting that there is a basis for seeking the truth, and that it can be glimpsed in the behavior of the self and others at gifted, illumined moments.

Now, how may one seek to dwell within the incarnation in such a way as to make these moments more accessible? We ask you, as always, to move to the inner closet of meditation, opening the self to the silence, sometimes, yes, to speak. You call this prayer, but, oh so importantly to listen, to listen to that silence, to accept it, to allow it to wash over the self until the self is full and more than full, until the self begins, indeed, to feel that light, heady effect of fuller light, fuller life, what we have called the consciousness of Christ. Open inwardly if you would wish to open outwardly, for the straightest road to the roots of being is bathed in silence and in the listening in a focused and caring manner, full of desire, to that silence, that silence in which the creative principle of Love ever speaks without sound and without words.

The more grounded that a spirit becomes in this root system of love the more this grounding may inform the persona and the more transparent that persona may become to the love itself. This does not make an entity, no matter how spiritually aware, able to speak the truth on command, for, indeed, there is no such thing precisely, although one may live the truth of a straight branch, lifting itself to the sun of love and light that is eternal. That is essence, and there are no words and no behaviors that speak the truth which are essential. Yet, can you come ever closer to being the truth through the discipline of the daily turning within to being washed in silence. There the work is done.

Now Q’uo asked how we may have used the knowledge of the vine that is rooted in love, and have we considered how it has influenced our perceptions and spiritual choices as everyone is rooted in this same vine even though some of their choices may seem threatening to us or others may seem lovely. Then Q’uo described the archetypical mind as one of the deepest roots of mind that influences behavior, but behavior is not truth for most of the time. However, Q’uo said that at some point one finds the grace that illuminates the self and makes the truth visible to others for one bright moment and allows one the realization that there is a good reason for seeking the truth. Then Q’uo suggested that we can increase these shining moments by using meditation to develop the ability to listen to the silence and to the creative principle of Love which will allow us to come closer to being the truth. On February 26, 2006, Q’uo spoke of the value of listening to the silence:

We encourage any who choose to open the heart to make use of the gifts that are so close and so easy to use. The main gift is that of silence. The ability to choose silence, to enter into the silence, and to listen to the silence, is an ability that will stand any seeker in good stead. Waiting in silence is the whole undistorted essence of unconditional Love, that Thought, that Logos that created you and the creation in which you exist. That Thought is your deepest and most primal self. You are Love.

As you communicate with each other, may we say it is our opinion that the greatest truth that each may offer each is the truth of fearlessness, for when one abandons fear and speaks from as close to the heart as one may find the grace to speak, and this does vary, one is as open as possible to that which cannot thrive in fear—honest and open communication. Shall you communicate that which is subtly wrong, that which is inaccurate, that which is less than perfectly understood within the self? Very well, what is to fear in that? What is to fear in any communication? One must always tell some onion skin of mistruth if one is speaking at all. But if one speaks that mistruth as carefully and lovingly and honestly as possible, then somehow every distortion is lit with the obvious good intentions.

There is one last secret we would share with you. There is great truth in laughter. One who takes himself seriously and goes solemnly about the business of telling the truth will find himself with his leaves turned away from the sun, unfed by light and love. Take a light touch, each of you with yourselves. Love and care passionately, and burn for your highest ideals, but not for your own performances and behaviors. At these you may laugh, for to be human and to be foolish is to say one thing twice. You will be foolish. Enjoy the folly that allows you to care so much, too much, that you risk everything and leap into midair knowing nothing because of your love of mystery that you know only by faith and hope.

How glorious you are in your folly, oh humans! How glorious is your search for the truth and how telling are your choices. We commend each of you as you courageously seek to know the nature of love, to know the mystery of faith and to find the gifts that you have that may serve the one infinite Creator and each other. To others you are the hands and the voice of the one Creator. Treat yourselves and each other gently, humorously and tenderly and you shall not be so afraid to let the branches that each of you are become close, almost as close in consciousness as is implicit within the root of the vine.

What is truth? Each of you is the truth, yet to be born. Nurture yourselves, and smile as you wait in care and intentions the days of understanding that are yours in what you would call “a life yet to be experienced.” We do not believe there is any final truth, yet at each juncture of your path, at each death and entrance to a new life, you shall discover a larger version of the ground of being that informs the branch that you are, of the nature of your essence, and this mystery is the truth.

May you love each other, may you love yourselves. We thank you once again for allowing us to speak upon this—we search the instrument for the word we wish—Jesuitical subject. Words to discuss that which has no words—that is, the truth—must of necessity be roundabout, intertwined and complex. We hope that out of this knot of reasoning and unreasoning you may have found the flavor of that legacy which we would hope to leave you with our opinion, that although the truth is not reachable it can be experienced, and it can be your gift to each other when truth, that being love, chooses to give the gift of grace and illumine the self with sudden, essential meaning.

Q’uo said that when we communicate with each other we should try to communicate from as close to the heart as possible, and we should have no fear of speaking less than accurately while maintaining the intention to speak as well as we can. Q’uo went on to say that we should attempt to speak our truth from the highest and best of our ideals, but we should remember to laugh at ourselves and others from time to time because to be human is to be foolish. They suggested that we continue in our search for truth by seeking the nature of love, the mystery of faith, and find our skills to serve the Creator and each other gently and humorously as we move closer together in our consciousness. Q’uo said that there was no final truth but a continuous journey of discovering more of the mystery of truth in our lives. Q’uo completed their response by saying that words cannot describe truth, but we can experience truth when we share the gift of love to illuminate the self with the essential meaning of life. On March 21, 1982, Hatonn described the gift of love that we can give to each other:

All these are gifts of a consciousness which some call the Spirit and which we choose to call Love, that one great original Thought of the one Creator, and, my friends, as you seek in a group this gift of Love, as you seek to feel the wholeness, the purity of this Love, and to find yourself mended as well, it may seem to you that this group is absolutely necessary in order to experience this wholeness, this purity, and this Love, but we say to you, my friends, this gathering is for the purpose of sending you forth alone into a world sorely in need of the wholeness and purity of the Love of the infinite Creator.

You may experience it here. You may identify it with being with the group, but, my friends, you are only resonating each with one common vibration, that great original Vibration of Light, and this can be taken with you, and as you follow your path in the Light, in service, remembering the Creator, so you take with you this wholeness, and without saying any word or making any gesture you are then, yourself, an offering to the world of the manifestation of this enormous creative Love.

You cannot do this yourself, for you are as you are in this illusion, but there is that within you which is more yourself than that self which you now know, and that deeper self can do all these things that you may wish to do. It can love. It can show forth patience and understanding, and, my friends, it can sing alone in the darkness and offer to those who grope, the seeking for Love, that beacon which may guide them to their own paths, toward Light.

We would at this time transfer from this instrument, thanking it for its service, and as always asking each to value our words only insofar as they have meaning for each of you, for we are not authorities. We are those of Q’uo, and leave this instrument in love and in light.

This morning I changed out my blue sheets and pillow cases for the green ones. Then I took the blue ones to the basement where they were washed and dried, and then I ironed the flat sheet and pillowcases.

This afternoon I went upstairs and did my weekly cleaning of the upstairs by using the carpet sweeper on the hall runner rugs. Then I used my broom and dustpan to sweep up the kitty litter in Benny’s room. I completed the job by using my dust mop to clean all three rooms. Then I went outside and dug up another load of moss from the pet cemetery to transplanted it to the Moss Garden.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

March 31

The Messenger Of Love

I am of the principle of living love and I greet you in the consciousness of Jesus the Christ.

I greet you as a messenger sent out before the dawn of each thought in the mind.

I greet you as a new beginning in every moment of the day.

I greet you around trick corners and sudden hurdles. Reach for the arms of comfort in times of distress, for we are there.

We are the principle of love, and as you speak to us of love, we come to you with love. And as our comfort is sweet to you, so is your heart to the Creator, the Father of all things. And so you have the opportunity at each and every dawning to become one with God in Christ through the grace of the spirit of love.

We leave you in the peace and joy which are yours to experience through the birthright of Christ, both now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.