I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from June 21, 1993:

The question this afternoon has to do with walking through the valley of the shadow of death in our daily lives, and in our metaphysical apprehension of our lives. Can you talk to us about what it is like, metaphysically, to feel the feelings of hypocrisy, of being worn out, burned out, angry, resentful, feeling that the Creator and the creation have, more or less, let you down? That things aren’t the way they should be?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. What a privilege and a blessing it is to be with this group. To blend our vibrations with yours, and to welcome the one known as S. We are most blessed by this opportunity to share our humble service with you and thank you for calling us to this session of working. How radiant is this circle. How deeply does each wish to know the truth and to bear witness to it. The courage of those who choose to live a life governed by blind faith astounds us afresh each time we are able to blend with this dedication of self in a circle such as this one. We ask as you listen to our thoughts that you use discrimination and accept as truth only those things which seem to you to be your own personal truths.

We use this instrument’s knowledge of the context of the phrase, “The valley of the shadow of death,” to quote that part of one of your holy works, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod, thy staff, comfort me.”

This psalmist whose works have praised the infinite Creator and given voice to many a desperate prayer, spoke most truly of third-density incarnational experience. Third density is the first self-conscious density; therefore, it is the density in which consciousness deals with the paradox of life and death.

To the flower, there is only the experience of the moment. The flower is whole and entire. Each moment of its life, its nature is fixed. It responds to love and to light; it is moved by these things and flourishes and thrives, or wilts and dies in utter contentment with its lot for it knows only the seeking towards the light. Though these second-density creatures have no wit and no voice, yet they manifest wisdom, which is lost in the migration into third density.

The tasks of humankind, then, are marked by the first consciousness aware of its own surcease. This life and death is the first of many self-contradictory and paradoxical opposites or pairs of opposites that are met in this density of the valley of the shadow of death. The magnitude of this shadow and its complexity and reach is hidden from those of third density not yet ready to awaken to the call of the inner self, to make the choice of light or darkness. When a seeker first becomes aware of the hunger to know of the mystery it has apprehended then comes the time of the taking up of the journey of pilgrimage, which is the life lived in faith.

At each juncture, each pivotal choice, the entity who seeks first becomes aware of a new level of unknowing and then finds itself in the position of dealing responsibly with this new level of awareness. One word for this quantum move from one level of awareness to a fuller level of awareness is called initiation. It may be called that or any other term as long as the seeker grasps that at this level there is the full flowering of previous work and study. The onset of a new awareness of the depth of the shadows of death is in this way a compliment which destiny pays to the seeker. For as the new level of unknowing strikes one, as one begins working with the raw materials of the universal self thrown up by this new awareness, all that has been learned before is now integrated into the wider and deeper awareness of that universal self. In this way, when a time of testing comes, this time, in addition to being a beginning, is also the servant well done, which resounds within the heart of self. A seeker who has a keen awareness of suffering is also a seeker who has reaped the bloom and blossom of much effort before.

The question for this session was: “Can you talk to us about what it is like, metaphysically, to feel the feelings of hypocrisy, of being worn out, burned out, angry, resentful, feeling that the Creator and the creation have, more or less, let you down? That things aren’t the way they should be?” Q’uo began by saying that our third density is the first density where self-consciousness exists, and it is where we become aware of the paradox of life and death as we walk in the valley of the shadow of death. Q’uo continued by saying that this shadow is the cover that conceals the call of the inner self’s need to make the choice between the light or the darkness and take up the spiritual journey of a life lived in faith. Then Q’uo said that on this journey of seeking we move from one level of awareness to a greater level which could be called initiation, which is a reflection of work done previously as one continues to realize its destiny and a wider and deeper awareness of the universal self. They said that this time of testing resounds within one’s heart as its suffering during the testing allows one to experience the bloom of much spiritual growth. On October 30, 1988, Q’uo spoke of the process of initiation to allow growth through suffering:

There is oftentimes the need for what you have called the desert experience, in order that the finest qualities of the being be enhanced and refined by the trials of the isolation and the testing of the resolve to exercise the will and the faith that are the rod and staff of the seeker. The conscious mind, in such instances, which asks for the assurance in an understandable manner that the self is not alone or that the experience has such and such a purpose, are oftentimes the crying in the wilderness which must be accepted, but if the initiation and the testing is to be successfully completed, must be endured rather than catered to, shall we say.

The process of the evolution of mind, body and spirit within your illusion, your illusion having such great mystery, is one which is, as the progress is accelerated, oftentimes difficult in nature. But, as we are aware that those in this group have heard it said, that happiness and the contentment are not the goals. The enhancing of the quality of compassion and the offering of its fruits are more to the heart of the purpose, from our point of view. Thus, there is much of difficulty that must simply be endured, and must be allowed to work its unseen function over a period of what you would call time, in order that the deeper qualities of the being which will survive such storms and tempests might be reinforced, and, indeed, brought to the fore in order that the evolutionary progress of the seeker will find its greatest expression within the life pattern.

Do we then suggest you rejoice at the new awareness that bites like a sword at the consciousness? Yes, my friends, indeed, we ask you to turn to the one infinite Creator and offer thanks and praise. Then we ask further, that the seeker be aware that in addition to thanks and to praise there are those communications which the one infinite Creator delights in hearing. These are those confessions of anger, of disappointment, of sorrow, and of suffering. To share these gifts with infinite One, it is to give to this mystery the most precious of gifts, for as each emotion whatsoever goes through the continuing process of refining and purification, so does the infinite One become infinitely more than It was. This is the greatest gift, to share all things, seemingly positive and seemingly negative, in a continuing and honest, heartfelt dialogue with the infinite One.

This is a dialogue whose part is silence. This is the inner working of consciousness and it is a great gift that each offers, as each continues to seek steadily, doggedly, persistently, unwaveringly for the truth, the light, the fuller awareness of life moves to the heart.

We wish each of you to do this now. Focus the attention upon this energy center. Touch, if you will, into that pool of sorrow. You are a stranger in a strange land. You seek amidst the deepest illusion. You are lost in solitude of spirit, feeling abandoned, stranded upon an alien shore. Allow this sorrow to become intense and then give it to the infinite One.

We pause briefly …


We are again with this instrument.

As you allow these feelings their silent expression, there was the answering expression … silent and unmanifest. Truly, each sorrow is a treasure and the thankfulness and love of the infinite Creator speaks directly to that deep heart within, wherein lies a true intelligence and true knowledge.

This walk through the valley may be seen with the eyes of faith as other than it seems. It may, if the seeker chooses, gradually begin to seem not only the valley, but also the high place. Not only the dark path but also that path which streams, full of light, [inaudible]. Both perceptions are equally true and to refrain from seeing things both ways is to refrain from wholeness.

This instrument spoke earlier of a phrase we have used, “The healing of the incarnation.” We feel that as a third-density incarnational experience begins to mature and to be shaped by the growing consciousness within one distortion is added to another. Until, bias upon bias, the life has attained its characteristic shape. Within this shape, in virtually every instance, there is a fairly regular system of distortions which need a certain kind of healing which is unique to each biased yet balanced entity.

As the self does enough work in consciousness to have the capacity of looking upon the life experience as an whole, then the opportunity comes to offer a new level of commitment to the spiritual path, or what this instrument would call “The King’s Highway.”

We do not urge any to make commitments that do not feel right to the seeker, but we suggest when that time of testing comes and the new lesson of love begins, there is the opportunity to turn deliberately and with greatest desire to the mystery of all that there is and say, “Yes, I accept this lesson and through harsh experience, rediscovering the joy at the heart of my self.” Do not do this quickly or before there is the inspiration to make this commitment to the forces of life, evolution and destiny, but when there is that moment when the grand Quixotic quest is clearly seen and there is that foolish, heartfelt impulse to accept, again, the process of healing and self-forgiveness, then we encourage each to leap in joy and faith with that affirmation that through long experience can be carved out of what would otherwise be a wilderness of sorrow.

You cannot, of yourself, create order out of the chaos of suffering. Any manmade order imposed upon such, in order to avoid pain, also avoids further knowledge of the self and diminishes the self’s capacity to know and heal the self’s balance within.

The road recedes before each. It shall continue, as far as we are aware, to do so infinitely.

Turn in mind and heart so in strength then to that companion that is never absent, the higher self or Spirit within. Welcome all those, such as we, who move in thought to love, support, and undergird the seeking strength of those who call upon our names and turn ever and again to those precious ones whom you serve and who are for you companions upon the way. To love one another. To share one another’s sorrows and to walk hand in hand, rejoicing and singing upon that precious, dim, shadowy walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

Life and death are but shadows. The Creator is all that there is. Rest then in shadow and in sunlight, and feel compassion flood you in your innermost being for your own courage, as you struggle with light and darkness and choose again and again, in blind faith, the manifested light.

Now Q’uo recommended that we rejoice and give praise and thanksgiving for the difficult times in our lives and even share them in detail with the Creator because each one is a gift to the Creator that allows It to know Itself better. Then Q’uo said that as we walk through the valley of the shadow, and see this walk with faith, that there would be the experiences of both darkness and light, and as we are able to balance one with the other that gives us the ability to experience a new level of joy for and commitment to the spiritual path. Q’uo continued by saying that as we practice self-forgiveness that we heal our selves and move into harmony with the evolution of our spiritual destiny. Q’uo completed their response by saying that we should turn to our higher selves, the Spirit, and all of our spiritual companions to love them and to walk with them, knowing that life and death are but shadows, and as we struggle with light and dark times that we choose in blind faith the manifested light. On October 14, 1992, Q’uo revealed the value of choosing the light:

To make decisions is the great experience of this illusion, to use each opportunity to choose the light, to choose the love of that which is before you. This we know is difficult in itself, even under what you would call the best of the conditions that are to be found in this illusion. When you find yourself as you have with great sorrow and confusion, the making of decisions is even more difficult, but with this increased difficulty comes also the opportunity to reap the greater metaphysical benefit from even attempting the decisions.

As to how those difficult choices may be best made by you at this time, we can say very little for it is these very choices that will form your experience in what you call your future and will thereby provide the greatest opportunity for you to learn that which you have set before yourself to learn and to be of the greatest service to those about you.

To approach each decision from the aspect of seeking to serve and seeking to love is that suggestion which we find is most appropriate at this time. As you look to those whom you love and under whose care they are awaiting, shall we say, these choices is to place the welfare of these entities in the greatest position of responsibility.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument. We are those of Q’uo, and leave this instrument in love and light.

This morning I was on my monthly zoom meet with Jonathan Tong’s Seattle Law of One Study Group. As always, the questions were all focused on some aspect of the spiritual journey, and I did my best to share my opinions as to what kind of answer would be most helpful to each seeker. We always have a lot of fun together as Jonathon Tong always plants the seeds of a great sense of humor for us all to participate in.

This afternoon a good friend of mine from Chicago came by for a visit, and we spend a couple of hours catching up on what has been happening in our lives and the possibilities for the future. I also have been told by the electrician that my power will be back on later this afternoon, and I am looking forward to returning to normal with the use of power in my home. However, I am grateful that he loaned me his gasoline-powered generator that has allowed me to use my refrigerator, the microwave, and have access to the internet.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

June 1

Eternal Peace

I am the voice of Jesus the Christ in the world today. I greet you in the full consciousness of love.

The kittens upon this instrument’s lap bask in each other’s affection. The sounds of the neighborhood, the barking of dogs, the singing of birds, the crunch of far-away tires on gravel filter gently through the cool summer morning, and all seems ecstatic, peaceful and easy.

Yet this is a peace of this experience. There is a further peace, a peace beyond understanding, the advent of which comes to one who finally perceives the eternal peace of which all the sensual descriptions are but small manifestations.

Carry this eternal peace in your thoughts, in your heart, and in your actions this day. The situations that seem not so peaceful to the world may still be blessed by your perception, founded in Christ.

It is in the love and the peace of Jesus the Christ that we leave you now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.