I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from August 22, 1993:

Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with our spiritual focus, or our spiritual attention span. R was concerned that he was going through his days only occasionally remembering that he was in an illusion and most of the time getting so caught up in work that he was thinking about nothing but the work. When he would get home he would be more able to remember that it was an illusion but wanted to know more how focus could help in his life. Carla was concerned that she was focused on too many projects and energy expenditures and by focusing on too many projects might not be able to do what she wanted to with any one of them, and I was concerned about the focus that a creative person or a skilled artisan of any kind uses in order to bring forth the creativity that is their expression, and also the practical focus of hanging your little toes on the side of the roof so you don’t fall off. So we would like to know something about the spiritual attention span and the focus of our consciousness as we go through our daily round of activities.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings to each, and in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator it is our blessing to be with you at this meeting, and we gratefully thank you for calling for this information. It is a blessing to us, for we are by this means able to offer our service, that of sharing our thoughts and opinions with those of your density who wish to work consciously upon the study of spiritual principles which animates and enlivens the incarnation, and creates a far more intensified and accelerated rate of potential spiritual evolution and transformation.

You wish to know more about lengthening the spiritual attention span. You wish that the weaknesses in your natures, the places where you perceive yourself less skillful, can be made stronger and more crystallized, and these are the wishes of one who seeks to do the work of consciousness in a conscious manner.

Each entity in your density works upon these spiritual principles in an unconscious manner, and if you were to bury the self and the consciousness in all manner of distraction and labor, yet still would you move forward along the path of evolution. There is no ultimate resistance possible to the truth, no matter how greatly the truth has been deleted and biased as it has traveled through the increasing distortions away from the infinite oneness of unpotentiated Love. However, there is a substantial percentage of this journey which can be walked at a quicker pace, shall we say, and we do encourage each to continue to work consciously.

This conscious working may seem to be repetitive. Your questions may be perceived by you to be less than inspired. However, we ask each to continue asking, for it is to the persistent questioner that the universe reveals itself. Yet at the same time it is equally true that when the revelation occurs it shall occur not as you expected it. The transformations of the third density almost always come from an oblique angle and are not possessed of those obvious hints that this instrument would call “telegraphing the punch.”

So, the situation as regards the basic seeking is that it is excellent to seek intensely and to practice a regularity of meditation, contemplation, and prayer. But it is well to widen the inner definition of environment to include that spiritual environment into which each is permanently imbedded, in and out of incarnation. It is from this bedrock of spiritual selfhood that the moments of transformation shall rise and the angle of perceptions of these transformations shall almost always be confusing at first but not necessarily obvious. The state of mind, then, that we can recommend is that of the utmost intensity, and at the same time, that of one who is dancing in and out of the steps of living, feeling the rhythms that murmur through the endless hallways of self.

Firstly, there is that energy to recommend which does indeed take one out of the world while one is yet quite active within this same world. Indeed, it is a useful practice to find the triggers in the daily routine which fire almost automatically and act as reminders of who the true self is which is perceiving the experiences which you perceive and experience. What sort of triggers which each can think of within the daily round? Perhaps there is the bell that strikes, or the clock which strikes the hour. Perhaps there is one symbol which can be invested—we correct this instrument—by the seeking self with a mnemonic meaning, for instance, perhaps there is a doorway through which the seeker goes quite often. This seeker can then create a secondary illusion for this door, and in the mind it becomes a magical doorway. Each time the doorway is passed the reminder becomes visible and tangible. Each time there is that momentary opportunity which reminders offer to center the self and to orient the self with regard to that overarching principle of truth which is love and service.

The second principle requires that each who listens turn the self around mentally so that the self is seated in the portion which does work in consciousness. From this point of view you are gazing at the incarnation strictly with regard to the primary environment which is a spiritual environment. This environment is within each, but it must be named, expected, and sought before it can be perceived. Yet, once it is perceived, this environment recreates the day-to-day environment so that whatever the environment within the illusion, yet the consciousness is to some degree stayed, settled, and rooted in spiritual truth so that the self continues to vibrate in harmony with the one great original Thought while it is in the midst of the busy, humming day.

The group question for this session was: “We would like to know something about the spiritual attention span and the focus of our consciousness as we go through our daily round of activities.” Q’uo began by saying that all seekers are engaged in increasing their spiritual attention span even if they are unconscious of it because there is no way to ignore the truth of one’s unity with unpotentiated Love, but there are ways to accelerate one’s spiritual pace if one becomes conscious of the process. Then Q’uo said that our conscious asking of questions is an effective way of getting the universe to reveal itself to us although the transformative answers may not come to us in the way we may expect them to. Q’uo went on to say that meditation, contemplation, and prayer are tools that we can use to move within the spiritual environment, that we utilize before and during the incarnation, in order to experience the transformations that will occur in proportion to the intensity of our seeking. Then Q’uo said that it would also increase our spiritual attention span to use symbolic reminders, such as walking through a doorway, to take us out of our daily round of activities and serve as triggers to help us remember that the nature of our being is to love and serve others. Q’uo continued by saying that there was a second way to increase our spiritual attention span which was to see oneself as living within the spiritual environment in which one does work in consciousness so that no matter what happens in the illusion one continues to vibrate in harmony with the one great original thought of Love. On October 31, 1976, Hatonn spoke of vibrating in harmony with our true self:

First, each of you who is in this plane of existence has one purpose which is of a primary nature. That purpose is to become aware of your true self and in so doing you begin to vibrate in harmony with that true self; that is, to vibrate within the harmonies of Love. This one vibratory Thought created all that there is, and as you come into harmony with this Thought you become a beacon of light that lights all those about you. This is your primary service. Whatever else there is for you to do it is best served by you becoming more and more able to be who you truly are.

You may practice for these attitudes in various ways. We shall discuss a very few. In meditation, you may with the in breath visualize the bringing in of the truth, the light, the love, bringing in the truth of love in every circumstance. With the out breath, you may visualize the releasing of all spent energies, including those judgments and self-judgments, those businesses, and distracted thoughts, so that with each outbreath there is the emptying of darkness and fatigue and the inbreathing of truth, love, light. Each—we correct this instrument—we would request each to, at this time, take a few deep breaths and practice this technique. We are those of Q’uo.


We are again with this instrument. We are Q’uo, and greet each in love and light once more. Perhaps you shall have felt the health being breathed in as the out breath cleansed the self of that which was used up. This cleansing of the energies does indeed strengthen the stability and the spiritualized awareness of the seeker. Each is familiar already with the basic principles of working with the day’s experiences in such a way as to balance these experiences, but we would mention at this time that this a technique which is very useful for consistent and constant realignment of the self in the direction which the seeker perceives to hold more and more of truth. That technique is to, within meditation, allow the mind to ripple through the day’s experiences, searching for those things which have distracted or attracted, repelled, or drawn the self during that diurnal period. Those things which were perceived as negatively oriented, then, would be brought to the conscious mind and the memory replayed.

When the self feels that emotional distortion which was the initial reaction during the day’s busy rush, this feeling or ideation shall be allowed to express and intensify within the emotional self, or more precisely, within that portion of complex of energies which is the self which deals with the emotional and mental perception, allow these feelings and ideations to become ever stronger until you feel they are well intensified. Then mentally lay down that emotion and sit with that emotion without any attempt being made to change it. Allow the complementary emotions and/or ideations to arise, allow the other side of the coin to become slowly visible. When the opposite of the first emotion is felt and has been respected and honored allow the thesis and antithesis, the original feeling and its complimentary one, to exist side by side within the mind’s eye. Both of these things are you, for each self is universal and contains all that there is. If you see that you are both things, then you may also see that you are neither. These events are then transitory, as is the entire incarnation which you now enjoy. Then all may be dropped aside, for by this route you have arrived at the position in mind and heart where you recognize that fundamental environment which is spiritual and which lies around, beneath, above and beyond any of your illusion characteristics, features or realities, so-called.

A third technique for increasing the focus is to choose to undertake a short visualization on a regular basis. Some entities prefer visualizations which are static, others those which flow. Whichever the seeker chooses, we recommend the object be simple. That is, if a specific object is chosen let it be a colored object, for instance a blue circle, or a red square, or a rose. One object. Demand of the self that it continually visualize this for, say, one of your minutes to begin with. At two week intervals, if the visualization is going well, begin to lengthen that time of gazing within at that visualized object. If the preference is for a flowing visualization let it be that of watching the waves upon the shore, or the clouds rolling past, or the gazing out at the passing countryside as though one were on a train, or in a small airplane within which one may look out and see the countryside. The time constraints are the same. This is difficult work, however, it has often had good results for those who are persistent.

A fourth technique is the technique of reduction. This is especially helpful when the seeker is facing more than it can do. The principle here is to reduce the point of view, the focus, shall we say, of attention until only the part which is in front of one is receiving notice. This often might be a matter of physical rearrangement of workplace, for instance, if the desk is full of several projects, allow the time to remove all but one project from the desk. This affects the point of view and makes it materially easier to do the mental work of reduction.

This should, for best results, be integrated with the meditative work on a daily basis for without this silent listening time the energy necessary to focus down upon that one thing which one wishes to do well now will often sorely flag. It is difficult to convince seekers how much work is done within those flawed meditations which to the seeker’s own perception are not done very well. But we do assure each that it does not matter how one perceives the experience of meditation as being. What is perceived spiritually is the intensity of commitment of the continued attempt. Fidelity to the truth within one is won day-by-day, meditation by meditation, and distraction upon distraction.

The fifth and final of the techniques we would describe best as holy silliness or silly sanctity. Many are the third-density luminaries which have offered redemption to many souls by helping each entity spill forth the unhealthful tensions of perceptions, those perceptions which carry pain in their arms, burden, and trouble each soul, and blessed is the entity which can learn to laugh. We recommend in the spirit of silly sanctity seeing any situation—we correct this instrument—of gazing at a situation which for some reason has involved you to the extent that you are exercising the emotions within you, and see this “gestalt” as a cartoon. Consider then what caption you would write under the picture of this moment. Allow the self to make a little fun of all of the emotions, all of the perceptions, all of the energies. It often will generate at first the kind of humorous caption which contains sarcasm, irony, and bitterness. But as the work continues the seeker may well find itself generating gentler and more sweetly humorous captions as the lighting up of the whole environment begins to come more and more into alignment as the one great original Thought.

If you have difficulty feeling that laughter is holy, think back to the last time in which you laughed and laughed. Was there not a full feeling of receiving the expression of love, forgiveness, and healing within the heart of that laughter? Laughter is the fire’s communication with the Earth as mercy is the rain’s communication with the Earth. Laughter first burns away pain, then it builds golden castles and offers to the joyous recipient the universe.

All of these techniques have in common the perception on our part, fundamentally, that there is a country within that is native. You are at home in this spiritual country which is reached only when one is willing to go deeper than the surface of things. With the will to recognize this comes the opportunity. We hope these techniques enable each to make use of the opportunity. Once this country within is truly sensed it can be re-entered in the split second that the thought …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

Work in consciousness tends to deepen feelings of isolation until it is seen that work in consciousness simply creates channels whereby memories and knowledge of that native land may be routed through the higher subconscious levels of mind to cross the threshold of consciousness and be perceived consciously as characteristics of whatever environment the seeker is inhabiting at any moment. There is nothing that is not full of glory and beauty and truth in the fundamental sense that higher truth, deeper truth, interpenetrates and shows the truth of all other environments of conscious living. By consciously becoming aware that as a seeker you are always in the native land of spirit and only visiting in the foreign land of incarnation, that incarnational web of perceptions shall be transformed. Where can the spirit not travel? It is said within your holy works “If I take the wings of the morning, yet you are there. If I go even to the depths of hell, yet you are with me.” There is no unspiritual environment. It is only that instance of intent that lies closed between the seeker and the living of every moment in the presence of the infinite One.

We encourage each to seek the peace of moment by moment living. This shall serve you well as you seek your focus, and, indeed, this is the key to focus—to look not back nor forward except insofar as it is necessary to inform this present perfect moment. If the attention strays, then bring it back, and if you do this a million times in a day and still forget, then when you remember, bring it back. No judgment, no expression to the self of disapproval, just realign. The habit is hard to make but once made it is even harder to break. May the joy of this journey enliven and transform your daily experience.

Now Q’uo gave some exercises that would help us to expand our spiritual attention span, and the first one was to use our inbreath in meditation to bring into our being the truth of the love and light in every situation, and then with the outbreath to remove any self-judgements or negative thoughts. The second exercise Q’uo suggested was to use meditation at the end of our day to look at those moments of experiencing catalyst that have made a mark upon our mind and emotions, looking both at the positive and the negative so that the original catalyst is magnified in our mind, and then let the opposite emotion grow to a similar magnified nature on its own. Then you accept both emotions as a part of yourself while realizing that you are both, as is the Creator, and you are neither as all third-density experiences are transitory. The third exercise that Q’uo mentioned was to visualize a blue circle, or a red square, or a rose for a minute each day for two weeks, and then add a minute to it every two weeks. They said that visualizing waves of the ocean or the view from an airplane also increases the attention span. Q’uo said the fourth exercise was that of reduction where, in a meditative state, one look at all of the work to be done for the day, and choose just one portion of the work, and move through it in a focused way so that it is done to the best of your ability. The fifth exercise was what Q’uo called “silly sanctity” or exercising a sense of humor to deal with difficult situations by seeing them as a cartoon and then adding a caption that uses irony or sarcasm. Q’uo said that as time goes on one may use gentler captions until the Love of the Logos shines through the caption as laughter is holy since it burns away pain and offers the Love of the universe to the seeker. Q’uo said that all of these exercises are helpful in increasing the spiritual attention span because they reconnect the seeker with the native land of spirit which is our true home whereas the incarnation is a foreign country which can eventually be transformed into living every present moment in the presence of the infinite One. On October 15, 1989, Q’uo used their own experience to reveal how we can experience the presence of the infinite One:

The creation is a subjective thing. We have found nothing but illusion, and yet still we seek the one infinite Creator as we refine our path, as we become more rested, more trusting, more joyful, more relaxed and more intent upon a single-minded goal of practicing the presence of the infinite One. We find, as we have said, that we continue to find ourselves in the divine discomfort of learning, in the difficult and sometimes painful cleansing of the self of those idiosyncrasies which are not necessary and perhaps are seen as stumbling blocks to a continued, persistent and successful seeking to accelerate the rate of one’s spiritual growth.

That one may so accelerate this growth is so, else we would not be here. However, my friends, we cannot tell you that the work is all joy, all love, all ease and all merriment. When one is dealing with mystery, when one comes up against paradox after paradox, one can be fascinated, but never comfortable, in the ways of those heedless ones who feel that they are but hairless apes which are born and then are no more.

Each of you is a portion of the infinite Creator. Each of you is precisely equal: the murderer, the rapist, the saint, and the fool. For each of you has the entire constellation of possibilities within, and it has been with each a matter of choice after choice after choice as to how to live the life, how to serve the Creator, how to practice the presence of the Creator, and how to serve others, perhaps the most difficult question of all.

At this time we would transfer to the one known as Jim, and would continue with this instrument. We leave this instrument with thanks and transfer now. We are those of Q’uo.

This morning I went outside and took one of the garbage cans that was full of small tree limbs and put the limbs on two lengths of twine and tied them up. Then I used the garbage can to put the small limbs from the Black Locust tree that came down in my neighbor’s yard. Then I changed out the sugar syrup in my three hummingbird feeders and my neighbor’s two feeders. Then I put the Quickfix solution in my fish pond to improve its water clarity. Then I went on an errand run with my first stop being at Feeder’s supply where I bought some birdseed and cat food for Benny. My next stop was at Paul’s Food Market where I bought some food for myself and more flowers to plant in a couple areas of the Ruins Garden. My last stop was at Walgreen’s Drug Store where I picked up a prescription, some supplements, and Pepsi Zero.

This afternoon I went back outside and began dead-heading the dead blooms on the Wuthering Heights Mound and in the gardens along the parking area in front of the house. My last jobs were to mop the floor where the electrician who installed my new generator had been coming and going and tracking in dirt, and then I the mopped the far end of the floor on the front porch.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

June 4

Compassion Replaces Offense

I am of the spirit of the love of Christ, and I greet you in the full consciousness of perfect love.

It is said that compassion blots out all offenses. Yet what your peoples feel most often is not compassion but guilt and anger. For you judge yourselves and others most harshly.

Compassion has little or nothing to do with offense. Rather it calls forth a higher reality, a more imposing presence, not overcoming mistakes and errors but simply offering a larger viewpoint.

Thus it is that compassion replaces offense, forgives offense, and sees offense for what it is: that which is perceived by man. Yet who can say what is perceived by the Creator? Allow the spirit of the living Christ to form compassion within your hearts and minds, not judging and not believing in a great paper towel that somehow wipes up the sin.

Know that there is a saner, more balanced, and more compassionate level of mind which brings mind and heart together in the compassionate love of Christ, which sees the true beauty and perfection of souls who feel they may have made mistakes. We leave you in that higher reality of the peace which proceeds therefrom.

We leave you in the kingdom of heaven, now and forever.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.