I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from June 27, 1993:

Group question: We Earth-dwellers are exhorted to praise and worship our Creator by both our earthbound religions and extraterrestrial sources alike. It is inconceivable that the Creator would perform the stupendous feat of the creation simply in order to provide an adulating audience. Can you please explain this seeming enigma?

(Carla channeling)

Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. It is a privilege to be with you and to be called to respond to your queries. We thank you for this beneficial request. That is, we express that it is beneficial for us to be able to attempt to serve you in this way. We ask that if we do say that which you feel is beneficial to you, that you may consider this thought, but not the thought which you do not find helpful. Those thoughts which are not recognized by you, by your inner guidance, are thoughts to be left behind. With this understanding we may begin.

When in the primeval unity of the creation the Creator chose through free will to express Itself the creation was articulated. The proper response to this Being has in your culture formed around itself a large number of ways and means which are deemed to be appropriate so that one gives one’s rightful response to a Creator which has chosen to manifest that which is the seeker. Each of these instructions seems wise and proper to some and inappropriate to others. Therefore, it would seem that there is no consensus as to what the Creator Itself might want from Its creation.

This seems to be the situation; however, the Creator, as we feel this mystery, is unworldly and incompletely grasped by us, and seems to us not to desire any response over other responses, but rather, the Creator acts and continues in action rather than reaction. The seeker wishing to address the infinite One in most cases is addressing a Logos or sub-Logos, the Love manifest, or some expression of Love manifest, such as the higher self. To this higher self, still, no one mode of address is preferred precisely, rather the praise and thanksgiving are accepted without emotion.

Questioner: Then why do so many sources state that it is good and just to offer praise and thanksgiving to the infinite Creator?

I am Q’uo. The Creator created a great original Expression or Thought. This we have called the Logos or Love. This principle, this Love, created all that there is by the quantizing articulation of Light. Yet all that is created is of the nature of its parent source, which is Love. The reason for offering love, appreciation, a blessing, and thanksgiving to the infinite One is that the entity within incarnation is attempting to form its vibratory frequency more and more like that of the vibrational frequency of the one great original Thought, which is Love. The closer the seeker comes to matching that vibratory frequency, the more that entity will be perceived as offering praise and thanksgiving. This is true far beneath any articulation of words or even what you consider thoughts. Rather, it is in the nature of the way creation is built. That is, original Thought expresses in Love, thanks, blessing, praise, and rejoicing. Thusly, it is not a Creator hungry for praise and thanks that requires homage of its worshippers, but rather it is love, it is reflected in love, and in that infinite reflection lies truth.

Questioner said that our religions on Earth, as well as extraterrestrial sources, say that we should praise and worship the Creator, and he wondered why the Creator of “all that is” would want to be praised and worshipped? Then Questioner asked again why so many sources suggest that it is good to give praise and thanksgiving to the Creator? Q’uo began by saying that religions utilize various ways of responding to the Creator and don’t always agree on the best way, and there is no way to know what the Creator would desire. Then Q’uo said that most seekers are worshipping a facet of the Creator in the form of the Logos, a sub-Logos, or even the higher self, and each of these forms would accept praise and worship without any emotion. Q’uo responded to the second query by saying that each seeker is attempting to increase its personal vibrations to become one with the Creator by offering praise and thanksgiving to the one great original thought of Love. On August 31, 1986, Latwii said that the Creator created the creation in order to know Itself and so we might also know ourselves as the Creator:

I am Latwii, and indeed this is so, my brother, for each seeker of truth has discovered in one way or another that that which may be seen as the stream of consciousness is without beginning and without end, and moves in many ways throughout all of the one infinite creation, for the one creation is held in its place by that one Thought of Love, given birth ageless eons ago by the one Creator, that the one Creator might through the movement of various portions of Its own love come to know Itself in ways not available to It without such division of Itself into the infinite portions and expressions of Love that move throughout this same creation in order that each portion may come to know itself by gaining the experience of evolution in a unique fashion that will, at its culmination, bring the harvest of experience to the one Creator, that all may again know the heart of being as love, and may continue the process of movement and growth and seeking and gaining the experience that will reveal each portion of the Creator to each portion of the Creator as the one Creator.

Questioner: We are also encouraged to fill ourselves with inner joy. To maintain a state of inner joy whilst entombed in the physical body and being constantly inundated with horrific scenes of worldwide death and destruction is far from easy. Would it be correct to say that we must endeavor to convert our feelings of anger and despair to those of compassion, for we do not experience these dreadful acts directly and we upset our equilibrium by becoming emotionally involved?

I am Q’uo. As the seeker moves into the world scene, it moves from that inner pathway which at times seems shadowed and at times seems a wonderful King’s Highway into a theater, if you will, wherein there is all sorts of entertainment. Reliably, some of this entertainment will be terrible, horrific, and pitiable. Provision is made within each of your cultures for sheltered places wherein the gentle entities, there protected, may not have to deal with the seeming ugliness of the world. Good and loving persons move into these cloistered environments and the purity of love generated by these protected ones is beautiful. However, some hardy souls there are, who though not personally starving, or hunted, or otherwise in terror and desperation, still allow these experiences occurring with others to have a substantial place in the waking consciousness.

Many of those who are riveted by the grisly side of the world scene are those which are attracted to the negative clustering emotions surrounding these events. This in turn makes more metaphysical darkness appear around these happenings, which makes it seem even more appealing to protect the self, or those which are deemed most delicate, from having to experience, even in thought, these horrors.

However, it is our opinion that when the seeker feels called upon in its rhythms of being guided to bear witness to the universal nature of the self, the addressing of the self to the universal nature of the world which it inhabits is a very good entrance point into the challenging business of seeking to address the universal self, which must be done by those who wish to graduate into the density of compassion. It seems foolish and inappropriate even to consider gazing with thanks or rejoicing upon such suffering, yet this too is a portion of the one infinite Creator. This too is perfect.

We would suggest that when the seeker is struck by this situation, it may be productive to enter into the life experience of an entity within that war or that starving population which has drawn the attention. In thought, the seeker may become one of those suffering. We suggest that it is helpful then to move deeply into that persona, to experience as intensely as imagination allows the suffering and horror of this situation. Not simply touching into the thought and then leaving, but staying with this suffering, keeping company with this suffering, embracing this suffering, exploring and affirming this suffering, until the whole vibration re-echoes with this suffering in its fullness.

When this is done to the extent possible by the seeker, then allow this frame of mind to be offered as the offering of money to the one infinite Creator, for this suffering has been suffering in love of the fellow self. This is a goodly presentation to the infinite Creator. Each time the seeker re-experiences this horror, the feelings of helplessness and powerlessness, being unable to aid the situation, then we suggest repeating this, embracing the full extent of this suffering.

It is well also to send light to these situations. This is work well done and we do not wish to discourage this practice in order to encourage the embracing of the unrelieved and unchanged and unhealed situation, rather we wish to enable a seeker to use the resource of its own structure, that is, there lies within each the deep mind structure as part of the archetypical mind, wherein each may suffer as each, each may experience anything whatever as each. There is that deep within the mind in which all entities within one influence are together, and the change from individual-to-universal-to-individual is but a blink or thought away. To move in sympathy into another’s illusion fully is to take this black and bitter harvest, and in the way possible only to one which does this consciously and deliberately, to embrace the full travel and extent of suffering and so relieve by that imagining the bite of pain for all.

Here Questioner said that we live in a world of horrific death and destruction, yet we are advised to fill ourselves with joy, and he wondered if we should try to convert our feelings of anger and despair into those of compassion in order to keep our emotional equilibrium and not get emotionally involved in the negativity. Q’uo began by saying that some people joined monastic groups in order to focus only on the positive view of their life’s purpose whereas other people look upon the grisly happenings in the world as that which one must protect oneself from, which results in their experience to seem to be contained within a metaphysical darkness. Then Q’uo said that it was their suggestion that we seek the universal nature of ourselves in all that is happening in the world because it is all part of the one Creator, and this is the path to the fourth density of love and understanding. Q’uo continued by saying that it would be a helpful exercise for the seeker and a gift to the Creator if the seeker could move deeply into the thought of how many people are suffering in one way or another and “Not simply touching into the thought and then leaving, but staying with this suffering, keeping company with this suffering, embracing this suffering, exploring and affirming this suffering, until the whole vibration re-echoes with this suffering in its fullness.” Q’uo also suggested that it would be well to send love and healing vibrations to the various people and parts of the world who are in the midst of great suffering and turmoil. On September 1, 2002, Q’uo shared the concept of sending love and healing vibrations to those living in difficult times:

We are aware that there are those within this group and within many other groups as well who take time each day to meditate and to pray and to send love and healing energy to all who are in pain; to open their own hearts to the healing love and light of the one Creator; to send that energy to Mother Earth, herself, for her healing as she brings forth a new Earth into fourth density; to send that love and light to each entity upon the planet which feels pain, which feels weariness, which feels the sickness and hate and disappointment and disease and all those other various ailments which can take the attention and turn the mind to darker thoughts and ways of sharing that do not open the heart but close it. We would suggest that, whenever it is possible, upon a regular basis that you take time to pray, to meditate and to send love and light to all who need it.

Questioner: In an earlier session, Yom commented on the fact that humankind finds the need to adopt a choiceless, compassionate position as deeply threatening. Is this sensed threat, that of loss of identity, brought about by the need to do the will of the Creator, or as Jesus said, “not as I will, but as Thou wilt”?

I am Q’uo. To those who do find the attitudes of non-judgment a threat, we would say that it is so, that these so threatened fail to perceive that the attitude of choiceless compassion can possibly express the truth, for within the incarnational experience it would seem that all things have some positive or negative aspect, that is, seldom do entities experience people and situations without some bias governing the way the situation or entity is perceived. To let go of this judgment and embrace non-judgment seems if not actually threatening, at least poor judgment. The entire world of observed data is based upon choices and judgment. This, not that, is the way to proceed. That, and not this, is the way to react skillfully. Indeed, an entity which embraces non-judgment may certainly be seen to lack the appropriate cultural responses.

Within the processes of creating and transforming one’s consciousness there are paradoxical requirements for the seeker who is asked both to choose the manner of its seeking in polarizing and to attempt to apprehend all incoming data with no bias. Entities within incarnation will almost surely fail to express a complete lack of bias, but the paradox we wish to point out is that the seeker needs both to choose decisively the system of biases it wishes to encourage within the self and is at the same time attempting to see its catalyst more and more clearly, which involves removing both attraction and repulsion from the processes of perception.

To choose to be choiceless seems ultimately nonsensical, yet in the process of perception this is precisely what is required, and then, when perceptions have been formed, the seeker is required to move in a positive, purposeful way, either towards the light, metaphysically speaking, or towards the darkness.

The mind and metaphysical vehicle which is your second-density self does not involve itself with these niceties. Its instinct is to sort and catalogue all incoming catalysts and to give it importance in accordance with its agenda. That is, said impressions having to do with the survival of the physical vehicle are given priority over all other stimuli, and so forth, until the instinctual needs of body and brain are satisfied. To this entity it seems excessively poor judgment to withhold bias to maintain choiceless awareness. It makes no sense, and more than that does seem to represent a way of perception which could result in the cessation of life for the physical vehicle. If something is obstructing the air passages in a physical vehicle, it does not make sense to the physical vehicle to note this fact choicelessly. Action definitely seems necessary.

The threat of which the ones known as Yom spoke stems from this portion of the seeking entity. It is when work is beginning to be done in consciousness, when the second-density creature begins to work in harmony with the third-density consciousness which is your infinite selves, that the requirements of spiritual seeking begin to apply. Many there are among your peoples which at the present moment have no clear perceptions of their own infinite nature, or their eternal span of being. And to communicate from the spiritual being aware of non-sensation with that entity which is completely aware of its probable dissolution and ending of self seems impossible. Many entities attempting to walk the spiritual path are still deeply involved in that second-density consciousness which knows of its own dissolution, and the third-density consciousness then is much taken up with material having to do with catastrophes and difficulties, those things which we see in this instrument’s mind labeled as “conspiracy theories” and the “last days syndrome.” This is the effect of third-density consciousness, whose natural rhythms are based upon a choiceless awareness, interacting with, and acting as, second-density consciousness which has become aware of its forthcoming end.

The two consciousnesses, each of its kind, are excellent and express divinity. The mixture is confusing and creates confusion within the seeker. As the seeker becomes more and more familiar with how third-density consciousness actually feels, it may become more and more skillful at timely notings or notation of those thoughts which seem to be less than the desired third-density level. The seeker then can turn and gaze upon that which has been created in fear, that by which the consciousness without choice seems threatening, and can move to embrace that fear.

It is not skillful to drag one’s consciousness into a fuller expression of compassion or understanding. It is far more skillful to stop when the threat is perceived, when the feelings are engaged that are called fear and other negative emotions, to turn and go to meet that fearful or threatened entity, to metaphysically put the arms around that entity and to witness with that entity each iota of pain, to accept this limited entity and to be one with it.

When this has been done the seeker may then move forward in praise and thanksgiving until it next finds its processes of perception in a snag or snare, feeling threatened and fearful. Then the same process may be begun, completed without hurry and the journey continued.

This constant turning back to keep the straggling portions of the self-awareness at one with those which would march ahead, is most diligently encouraged by us, for we are of the opinion that when the laggardly portions of the recording self are offered the same compassion offered to others in pain, the actual rate of spiritual learning is greater than the rate of true spiritual learning which is achieved by those entities which leap forward from good thought to good thought and ignore, if possible, any portions of the self which will not come along for the ride. This is living in a judgment of the self, and in the long run does hinder and seriously slow the seeker’s steps.

We encourage each, therefore, to turn back again and again, always attempting to practice toward the self’s fears, be they light or very deep in nature, with that love which is felt from the infinite Creator. Ministering to the self in this way, the universal nature of the self may in a graceful way, which is full of rhythms of compassion, be put forward and practiced more and more.

Then Questioner asked: “Yom commented on the fact that humankind finds the need to adopt a choiceless, compassionate position as deeply threatening. Is this sensed threat, that of loss of identity, brought about by the need to do the will of the Creator, or as Jesus said, “not as I will, but as Thou wilt”? Q’uo began their reply by saying that it was indeed helpful to see all difficulties in a non-judgemental and compassionate way, as a means of transforming the self, and paradoxically, as a means of choosing its path of service to others or service to self. Then Q’uo said that our second density mind and body react to incoming catalyst in a way that gives priority to their survival, and choiceless awareness makes no sense to them until they begin to join in work in consciousness with the eternal self of the third density. Q’uo went on to say that many spiritual seekers are not aware of their own infinite nature and are living in the world of the second density consciousness, and look at the difficulties around them such as conspiracy theories and the end times as their reality, and it makes no sense to them to utilize choiceless awareness. Q’uo suggested that when this type of seeker experiences fear for its survival from any entity or situation, that it embrace the entity or situation and experience each iota of pain and become one with it, give praise and thanksgiving for it, and use this process each time that fear is perceived. Q’uo completed their reply by saying that this practice of responding with the love of the infinite Creator to both the good and the difficult experiences is the way to realize the infinite nature of the self may be realized more and more. On November 17, 1985, Q’uo spoke of the infinite nature of our selves:

The finite nature of your illusion presents one with the situation which reproduces the illusion of limitation. Sacrifice is a limited concept, for one who feels that it is sacrificing moves within a limited perception of what is available to the self at all times.

The limitless love of the one Creator enables each entity at all times to experience and to be. By limiting one’s awareness of this concept, many experiences become available that would not be available with the wider perspective. This is the nature of your illusion, and the reason that progress is possible in a rapid fashion within your illusion. For when one has worked long enough upon the concept of sacrifice and limitation and has through many, many experiences discovered that what is necessary is always provided, one discovers then that what was previously seen as sacrifice is a distorted perception which has allowed one to see the infinite nature of another, of a situation of the self.

This is not a quick process, my sister, yet it is one which teaches well, for that which is limited is seen to give way to that which is infinite, and that which is seen as the sacrifice gives way to that which is seen as another opportunity to give freely of the infinite love which is available to all at each moment.

Is there one more query before we leave this instrument?

Questioner: No.

We are those whom you call Q’uo. It has been our pleasure and our privilege to work with this instrument and this group. We thank the one known as K, who has made it part of his practice to be a witness with this group. We thank this entity and are thankful for these queries which allow us to be of some humble service. At this time we would leave this instrument and this group, wishing all the utmost awareness of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.

This morning I went outside and filled my last seven garbage cans with the small tree limbs that were put beside the fire pit last Monday by two of our Homecoming attendees. There are still more limbs to get rid of, but I will have to wait until all of the garbage cans of limbs are picked up Thursday before I will be able to have empty cans for the remaining limbs.

This afternoon I began weeding the flower garden on the Ruins Mound by hand and then did the same with the flower garden in the middle of the Moss Garden. Then I used my trimmer to weed the rest of the back yard gardens and side yard gardens.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

June 3

How Quickly The Moment Passes

I am the voice of Jesus Christ in the world, and I greet you in the full consciousness of love.

How very quickly the moment passes! How very swiftly the days run together! How soon each sunset comes upon those who dwell in sunlight! And in the end, how rapidly and suddenly does the daylight end, the night come, and the body become dust once again.

You, my children, dwell in dust, yet you are not dust.

You dwell in time, yet you are not time.

As you are the Father’s own children, may you see the preciousness of this moment, this hour, this day, this life. Turn to the living Christ.

Turn to divine Love. And find each present moment stretched, enhanced and savored.

Turn, then, to the world and, with the eyes of the consciousness of love, see the world remade in love. Let your vision be carried in the brightness of the eye, in the lilt of the smile, and in the serenity of the heart, into the world this day and every day.

We leave you in the peace and love of Jesus the Christ, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.