I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 100.4-.5:

Questioner: Thank you. I feel obligated to ask the next somewhat transient question because of a request from Colonel Stevens. I also, for my own edification, would like to better understand the effect of the quarantine and First Distortion. Would Ra comment on the purpose of the so-called Pleiades contact in Switzerland with Billy Meier by an entity known as Semjase and others.

Ra: I am Ra. It is not our practice to judge the value of a contact of metaphysical origin. We cannot confirm the contact referred to by the questioner as pure Confederation contact. However, we might suggest that there is some positive material within the recorded transcript of converse during this contact. As we have spoken previously to the various characteristics of so-called mixed contact, we shall not repeat but note that all communication is of the One Infinite Creator in its infinite distortions.

Questioner: Is it all right for Colonel Stevens to receive the information that Ra just gave to us?

Ra: I am Ra. We find this information to be confirmation of already perceived ideas. Therefore, permission is freely given.”

In Don’s 25 years of investigating UFOs he met most of the well-known contactees and investigators. Col. Wendelle Stevens was a friend of Don’s who investigated the Pleiades contact in Switzerland that involved a fellow name Billy Meier who was contacted by an entity named Semjase, which Col. Stevens wrote about. This is a summary of a book, “UFO Contact. . .From the Pleiades,” in which Col. Stevens wrote about this contact:

“A Swiss farmer born in the town of Bulach, Eduard “Billy” Meier’s claimed his first extraterrestrial contacts occurred in 1942 at the age of five with an elderly extraterrestrial human man names Sfath. Contacts with Sfath lasted until 193. From 1943 to 1964, Meier’s contacts continued with an extraterrestrial human woman named Asket. Meier says that after an eleven year break, contacts resumed again with an extraterrestrial human woman names Semjas, the granddaughter of Sfath.

Meir has accumulated a large collection of photographs showing spaceships called beam ships as well as extraterrestrials. Meier’s claims are both believed and disputed by UFO skeptics and enthusiasts. Beginning in 1975, Meier began his official contacts communicating both directly (face-to-face) and by telepathy with a core group of the Pleiadians/Plejaren, or Errans. These visitors hail from the Plejares star system which is beyond the Pleiades and in a dimension that is a fraction of a second in the future from our own. These Plejaren have provided a sampling of evidence, including highly detailed photography, videos, multi-toned sound recording, the temporary use of a weapon which he employed for trial on a nearby tree, and metal alloy samples. Meier claimed these visitors charged him with certain informational and consciousness-raisings tasks.

As he undertook this mission, he met with a great deal of scorn and derision in addition to twenty-one attempts. Some of these were allegedly initiated by hostile extraterrestrial entities and subsequently defeated largely through the intervention of his Plejaren friends. Meier was instructed to transcribe his conversations with various extraterrestrials & his discussions with the Plejarens are wide-ranging, from spirituality to the afterlife, human history, science & astronomical phenomena, environmental dangers, in addition to prophecies of future historic trends & events.”

So Ra responded to Don’s question as to the purpose of this contact by saying that they didn’t wish to judge a contact of a metaphysical origin. However they did say this this was a mixed contact, one which had both positive and negative elements. Oftentimes UFO contactees will have their first contact with UFOs of a positive nature. After some period of time negative entities will be given the opportunity to have an equal chance to pursue such a contact as Ra mentions in 72.7, as a reason why our negative friend of fifth density was able to offer its services to us: 

Our vibratory complex is one-pointed in these workings also, and our will to serve is also of some degree of purity. This has created the attraction of the polar opposite which you experience.

This is apparently a result of the quarantine of Earth which seeks to allow the population of Earth to receive equal amounts of positive and negative information. Any positive information needs to be balanced by the opportunity for negative entities to be heard as well. Negative entities will use trickery to mimic the positive entities that began the contact, so many contacts (perhaps the Pleiadean contact as well) begin with positive entities and then they are replaced by negative entities who claim to be positive but eventually begin giving a negative twist to the beginning positive information. In 67.20, Ra gave the general principle that allows this type of mixed contact to occur:

Questioner: Now, the main point of this line of questioning has to do with the First Distortion and the fact that this window existed. Was this, shall I say, a portion of the random window effect? And are we experiencing the same type of balancing in receiving the offerings of this entity as the planet in general receives because of the window effect?

Ra: I am Ra. This is precisely correct. As the planetary sphere accepts more highly evolved positive entities or groups with information to offer, the same opportunity must be offered to similarly wise negatively oriented entities or groups.

This morning Diana and I vacuumed the house in a very intensive way. We began by rolling up the Oriental rug (12 ft. X 15 ft.) and vacuumed the rug pad underneath it. Then we rolled up the rug pad and vacuumed and dusted the floor underneath it because over the years the little bit of dirt and sand that people track in sinks through the rug and rug pad and gets everything dusty. Then we put the Oriental rug back down level and vacuumed it. After this Diana vacuumed the office, and I vacuumed the kitchen and my bedroom and bathroom. Thanks to Diana everything on the first floor including the rugs, couches, and plants are clean and vibrant.

This afternoon I took Diana to the airport so she could fly back home to Framingham, MA. We had such a good time getting everything in the house clean and ready for Homecoming next month. Now I will be turning my attention back to the yard and garden and next week will focus on getting more flowers transplanted in areas which either the deer have eaten them or they have died out for one reason or another.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

August 6

The Natural World As Teacher

I am of the principle of love and I greet you in the consciousness of Jesus the Christ.

I, the Comforter, ask you to allow the natural world that lies so close at hand to be your teacher this day. Gaze upon the mighty strength of the shoots of grass which grow in concrete. Look very closely and see the fecundity of the living God expressed in all the tiny insects which scurry across that busy sidewalk seeking sustenance and finding it. Listen to the sounds of the birds which ring out as joyful Psalms to the Creator and feel the wind of creation at your back.

We do not ask you to take these things into your mind and hold them where they will become lifeless and wither in the world of the hypothetical. Remain open, rather, to the revelations of the present moment, for the Creator has infinite lessons to teach to those who have understanding hearts and open ears.

We leave you in Christ’s own peace, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.