I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from the Forward and concerns Don, Carla, and me as we functioned together.

We Three

Don, Carla and I shared a unique and very harmonious configuration of energies. By the time I arrived, Don had chosen a life of celibacy but loved Carla dearly. Carla likewise adored Don but did not prefer celibacy. I was, at first, a recluse who liked to spend my free time in the wilderness. Carla and I eventually enjoyed an intimate relationship that was grounded in loving friendship, which would one day evolve to a deep and meaningful romance. Don and I were, of course, friends from the start, trusting in our mutual love for Carla, each supportive of the other. The Ra Contact began only a few weeks after I arrived to aid Don and Carla’s truth-seeking mission. Once the contact was underway, Don, Carla, and I each had a role to play, and we faced the Choice together, day by day.

Perhaps Carla’s most concentrated act of selflessness was to risk her own life to sustain the Ra Contact, serving as what Ra called “the instrument”. Willingly going into trance and allowing Ra to speak through her took a huge toll on her body despite all of Ra’s efforts to maintain her wellness, rapidly using up physical material to the extent that Carla was eating all the food she could and still losing two to three pounds per session. All the while, a negative fifth-density entity was, according to Ra, orchestrating ways to end Carla’s already-delicate life. Carla was urged by Ra to consider how martyring herself to the contact, though selfless, would run counter to her goal of sustaining communication with Ra. She was advised to rely on Don and me to help her evaluate whether she was vital enough for another session, for Carla’s irrepressible will to serve superseded all physical limitation, and our fifth-density friend was aware that the instrument could be encouraged to overdo it and risk her fragile life at any moment. Fortunately, Carla chose wisely and we three worked together to keep the contact going for as long as possible until Don’s passing.

For Don, the contact was his ultimate joy. He would meditate to receive ideas about the questions he would ask Ra, sometimes drawing with a finger in the air to work out complex thoughts. Don was brilliant and, some would say, uncannily well-suited in his role as “the questioner”. It cannot be a coincidence that his knowledge of physics and his deep appreciation for metaphysics often allowed him to instantly understand Ra and to ask such intelligent, poignant questions with relative ease. Don took Ra’s advice with the utmost seriousness, attending to each detail that would help protect and prolong the contact. Until his mental health began to deteriorate, Don was an extremely calm, sharp and focused individual, giving all that he had to our work together while also supporting us financially as a pilot so that we could carry on without worry over our basic needs being met. 

My role during those golden days of shared service was as “the scribe” and a “battery” for the contact. During each session with Ra I would meditate, visualizing white light that contained every color of the rainbow entering Carla’s crown chakra, radiating out of each energy center, then emanating out of her feet and circulating back to her crown. Carla and I eventually discovered that our lovemaking between sessions also helped to prolong the contact by transferring vital energy to Carla that would increase her stamina when she was in trance, so that the contact did not draw so heavily upon Carla’s personal reserves of life force, as the latter posed a great risk to her physical vehicle. And as the “scribe”, as Ra called me, I would listen to the cassette tapes after every session and transcribe them on my electric typewriter. My other roles included keeping up with the household chores and repairs, cooking, and aiding Carla in managing daily life with her delicate, arthritic physical vehicle. However, I’d say that, just like Don and Carla, my most basic role in the contact was a passive one: as Ra explained, the effortless harmony that existed between me, Carla, and Don is what made it all possible, and that was reportedly due to our many lifetimes spent in service to one another.

The Ra contact came to a tragic end with Don’s suicide on November 7, 1984. There were so many extraordinarily unique metaphysical factors that contributed to his passing that I wrote an essay about it, which can be Googled using the title, “The 34th Anniversary of the Passing of Don Elkins”, for anyone who would like to read it.

Throughout our twenty-eight years together after Don’s passing Carla and I took every opportunity to share the philosophy of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator. We offered weekly channeling meditations; we taught students how to channel; we held workshops around the country to share Confederation philosophy; Carla wrote A Channeling Handbook and The Wanderer’s Handbook; she channeled A Book of Days: Channelings From the Holy Spirit. We began holding our Homecoming Gathering on Labor Day weekend beginning in 1995, and Carla offered herself as a counselor and spiritual advisor to anyone who wished to take advantage of her deep thoughts and feelings regarding the spiritual path and how people might translate their problems to a means of enhancing their own seeking process. Carla remained a tireless devotee of Jesus Christ, singing choral hymns of praise and serving in her church in as many other ways as her frail body would allow. And, of course, she and I eventually fell head over heels in love with each other.

It took about six years for Carla to go through the grieving process for Don’s passing, but she and I knew that our work for the rest of our lives would be to attempt to fulfill Don’s dream to make the information from the Ra contact available to the entire world for free. The eventual birth and growth of the internet made it possible to do that with PDF documents.

When Don was alive, he and Carla were unmarried, but they were joined in deep love and devotion. As Ra said: “These two entities have been as one for a timeless period and have manifested this in your space/time.” At first, Carla and I loved each other but not in a romantic way. However, we felt that since we planned to be together for the rest of our lives in attempting to be of service to others that the most magical and powerful way to do that would be if we consciously attempted to live and grow together as mates. So, we married on May 30, 1987, symbolizing our inner commitment to shared spiritual seeking.

In 2002 I started a lawn service to help sustain us and would continue that for eleven years, as the monies left to us by Don had dwindled. We soon opened our home to various seekers who wished to live in community and study the Law of One. A young seeker named Gary Bean arrived in 2003 and would eventually become a skilled administrator of L/L Research, serving as director and then co-director.

At that time, Carla busied herself with service to her church, healing her body, cooking delicious meals, mentoring members of the L/L Readership, and producing all kinds of spiritual material through channeling and writing. In 2005 she made a trip to England to speak at five different locations. She wanted to let readers know how the trip went, and so she began the Camelot Journal, an online blog. When she returned home, she decided to keep the journal going as a means of letting readers know what a day in the life of L/L Research was like.

The last four years of Carla’s life were spent in our room in a hospital bed as she attempted to recover from two surgeries, one on her upper back (2010) which was successful in helping her to type again, and one on her lower back (2011) which created an open wound that never healed. I took over writing the Camelot Journal after the second surgery and continue it to this day, though now I write about my own daily life and share my spiritual studies and thoughts on the Law of One. In 2012, another gift from the Creator arrived in the form of Austin Bridges, a seeker who would join Gary in managing the organization.

Carla’s being confined to her hospital bed allowed her to do some major incarnational balancing work as Ra described in this quote:

As we have said, this instrument, feeling that it lacked compassion to balance wisdom, chose an incarnative experience whereby it was of necessity placed in situations of accepting self in the absence of other-selves’ acceptance and the acceptance of other-self without expecting a return or energy transfer. This is not an easy program for an incarnation but was deemed proper by this entity.

This entity therefore must needs meditate and consciously, moment by moment, accept the self in its limitations which have been placed for the very purpose of bringing this entity to the precise tuning we are using. Further, having learned to radiate acceptance and love without expecting return, this entity now must balance this by learning to accept the gifts of love and acceptance of others which this instrument feels some discomfort in accepting. These two balancing workings will aid this entity in the release from the distortion called pain. The limitations are, to a great extent, fixed.”—60.8

Carla spent her childhood giving without expectation of return.  Being confined to the hospital bed allowed her to “to accept the gifts of love and acceptance of others” as she needed to have so much done for her that she could no longer do for herself.

And I learned how to open my heart in unconditional love as never before as her primary caregiver. My service to Carla included helping her to dress for outings to the doctor, cooking our meals, administering Carla’s medications, sitting by her while we watched TV and then, when her eyesight failed her, I read to her instead. I also changed the dressings on Carla’s surgical wound, helped her with personal care, and massaged her sore neck, shoulders, feet, and hands. We always shared the Morning Offering and meditated twice each day. This lasted for four years, until Carla passed into larger life on April 1, 2015.

I discovered that my experience serving Carla had opened my heart to all beings.  Since her passing, this heart-opening has allowed me to carry on Carla’s legacy of sharing the Law of One with our L/L family. I have continued to offer public meditations up until the COVID-19 virus pandemic ruled them out. However, we have plans to start the pubic channeling meditations again beginning in October of 2022. I have narrated as audio books all the volumes Carla wrote or channeled. There is an ongoing practice channeling meditation with four other members of L/L Research. My meditative practice has naturally deepened over time, and I still clean and tend to this beautiful, beloved house, caring for several kitties and for the gardens that always gave Carla such enjoyment.

Today and for a number of years, L/L Research is blessed by the tireless work of three wonderful, dedicated employees, as co-directors Austin and Gary having been joined by Trisha Bean.  Our little nonprofit is also fueled by volunteers from around the world who have likewise chosen the path of service to others. I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to each of them and to you, our beloved readership for every moment of your devotion to the Choice to serve all in love and light.

This morning I watered the flowers in the front, side, and back yards as well as the small forsythia bushes on the north and south borders of my property.

This afternoon I used my backpack blower to blow all of the leaves in the front yard into the side yard between the fish pond and the pet cemetery.  I plan to leave the there as part of my participating in the “Leave the leaves” practice of helping native pollinators thrive. This is what the internet says about this practice: “Native pollinators, including butterflies, bees, and flies, are important to the function of every ecosystem. If you want to support our pollinators, follow these tips:

  • Leave the leaves where they fall. Leaf litter provides habitat, insulation, and protection for insect pollinators. It’s also a natural fertilizer for grass as leaves break down during the winter.”

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 27

The Touch Of The Spirit Of Love

Greetings. I am the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ in the vibration which comforts this instrument.

When you experience for the first time the touch of the spirit of love, you are as a bride who goes to her marriage bed, becoming a new being, one in flesh and spirit with the beloved.

Although a virgin may be irresponsible, yet a wise householder has the passive responsibility of being an instrument through which new life may be channeled. There is also the active responsibility of a discriminating stewardship of all those gifts which are held in trust from the Father and which should be used to the glory and celebration of the consciousness of love.

My peace I leave with you. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.